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letters of thanks come successively and guests from all directions praise shougang xiuchi holiday inn

release time:2022-04-02 14:58:47

 “the living experience is great! the service attitude is excellent! the accommodation conditions are good! the food and drink are delicious!” after the opening of the winter olympic games, letters of thanks came successively and warm-hearted scenes of sincere service unfolded at beijing shougang xiuchi zhixuan holiday inn. the warm and comfortable living experience, exquisite and delicious dishes, and high-quality, professional and warm-hearted service left a deep impression on guests from all directions.

leafing through more than 20 letters of thanks, many were written in languages such as chinese, english, french, japanese, korean and moldovan. they came from the members of the support team stationed at shougang xiuchi inn by the winter olympics operation guarantee command department, official and referee teams of the international ski federation, ice hockey national technical official (nto) team, ski jump nto team, american media, moldovan sports hosts, volunteer team representatives, beijing bus no. 5 branch and other domestic and foreign organizations and individuals. the letters are full of recognition and affirmation between the lines. they express sincere gratitude for the services provided by the hotel staff.

located in shougang park, beijing shougang xiuchi zhixuan holiday inn is one of two hotels assigned for the winter olympic games in shijingshan district. as a closed-loop management hotel, it is mainly responsible for receiving technical officials of big air shougang and the hockey hall, and related news media, including international and domestic officials and referees, national and foreign technical officials, and so on. up to now, the total number of guests has reached 239.

the intimate service of shougang xiuchi inn deeply touched the big air shougang nto team. in their letter, they said that all the staff of shougang xiuchi inn guaranteed the nto team’s high-quality meals and warm-hearted service whether they left early or returned late. on february 8th, the first gold medal in the winter olympic games was won at big air shougang. in the evening, shougang xiuchi inn prepared an unforgettable celebration party for all nto staff, which made them truly feel at home and experience shougang’s enthusiasm for the winter olympics. shougang xiuchi inn is destined to become attached to the big air shougang nto team of the beijing winter olympic games!

yan xuhao, general manager of xiuchi inn, said that since the winner of the first gold medal happened to be a chinese athlete, the inn specially made a “we are the champions” celebration cake. seeing the surprise on the guests’ faces and the happy scene of celebrating each other, our hearts seemed to break through the barrier of national boundaries and languages to become closely linked.

 “it's delightful to have friends from afar.” international friends praised the high-quality environment and enthusiastic staff of shougang xiuchi inn. in their letter of thanks, officials of the international ski federation and representatives of the referee team expressed their gratitude to shougang xiuchi inn for providing them with meticulous service and enabling them to feel the warmth of home!

the guests praised the delicious and exquisite food, and thoughtful service. in their letter of thanks, a media representative from the united states wrote, “thank you for your attentive service and delicious food. i enjoyed my stay here very much and the hotel provided a high-quality environment for reporting work.” japanese guest shota ishii thanked the hotel lobby staff for their warm service every day. he said that, especially on the first day, the manager of the lobby and other service personnel patiently showed him how to read the bus schedule, which brought convenience to his follow-up work and made him feel the friendship and warmth of china.

the winter olympics operation guarantee command department fully affirmed the epidemic prevention and control, garbage collection and other work in the hotel, especially mentioning that the service personnel worked in strict accordance with the process, and supervised the operators to seal garbage layer by layer and sterilize it every time in the packing process. when clearing and transporting garbage, they supervised the operators to sterilize it on site and pile it up neatly, thereby guaranteeing the maximum operation efficiency of clearing and transporting garbage every time.

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