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shougang wins many honors granted by cisa and famous enterprises

release time:2022-04-02 14:56:49

since the beginning of this year, shougang has once again won many honors granted by cisa, cimc, haier, gwm and other industry associations and famous enterprises, including the “market development award”, “excellent supplier”, “excellent quality award”, “true partner award” and “innovation leading award”. the “manufacturing services” advantages of shougang products have been recognized by the industry and the market.

shougang has been focusing on value creation and improving its service advantages. since the beginning of this year, shougang has continued to cultivate the five major advantages of “products, quality, cost, services and technology” in the steel industry; adhered to green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, high-quality goods manufacturing, lean manufacturing and accurate services; and achieved remarkable results in product quality, evi services, logistics support, processing and distribution, thereby enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of “manufacturing services”. 

in terms of market development, shougang has focused on cooperation with german, japanese, independent and nev enterprises, and the number of automotive plate contracts awarded for new vehicle models has grown steadily. shougang was the first in china to supply 500 mpa outer plates. in terms of pickling products, the rate of obtaining parts certification has increased by 40% year on year. shougang also completed the joint r&d of high-strength 700 mpa torsion beams with the chassis research institute of a domestic independent brand automobile enterprise.

in terms of evi service improvement, shougang’s annual evi supply increased by more than 20% year on year. focusing on lightweight and technical cost reduction, the evi practices of many models of customers such as great wall motors and gac have been completed. shougang has carried out 2,000 technical exchanges and user services involving more than 5,500 people, standardized the management of supply technical agreements and promoted the upgrading of more than 50 products and standards.

in terms of customer service system construction, the marketing center of beijing shougang co., ltd. established a case sharing and evaluation mechanism, and cooperated with the research institute of technology to carry out professional knowledge training in the service system, effectively promoting internal communication and experience sharing. it has continuously promoted the management of the customer service system by category, region and level, standardized end-user identification and management, and built a “general characteristic” model group in the customer value analysis model to improve the conformity and applicability of the analysis results. it has also constantly improved the coordination mechanism of “problem list - listing supervision - internal tackling” to further improve its service capacity.

in terms of logistics service capability, the annual on-time arrival rate of the marketing center of beijing shougang co., ltd. is 98.15% for automobile transport and 88.42% for maritime transport. the control of the long-distance logistics cycle has been strengthened. the logistics cycles in guangzhou and chongqing were reduced by 4.1 days and 1.2 days respectively compared with those of the previous year. logistics quality control has also been strengthened, with transportation quality objections decreasing by 13.3% over the previous year. by organizing transport capacity in multiple channels, shougang has effectively coped with traffic control for environmental reasons, ensuring the smooth and stable connection of steel production, marketing and transportation.

in terms of processing and distribution service capacity, the marketing center of beijing shougang co., ltd. has promoted the external audit of the quality systems of processing centers in harbin, chongqing and suzhou, consolidated and improved the “last mile” service capacity and enhanced user loyalty. the processing center in ningbo has formed shougang automotive plate processing services mainly based on automobile enterprises in the hangzhou bay area, which has influenced the surrounding oems and realized its transformation to a “third-party service provider”. the processing service capacity of the processing center in chongqing has continued to improve, and it has passed the dun & bradstreet system audit and obtained the supplier qualification of european luxury oems in the region, as well as commencing cooperation on the 2022 new model project. finally, zhuzhou shougang has completed the function optimization of its relocated equipment, and the processing quality of its outer plates continues to steadily improve.

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