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shougang lanza wins green technology excellence award in first national disruptive technology innovation competition

release time:2022-03-02 10:32:44

recently, shougang lanza’s “new biological carbon sequestration technology for industrial exhaust gas utilization” stood out from among nearly 3,000 projects in the first national disruptive technology innovation competition, and won the green technology excellence award.

according to the notice of the ministry of science and technology on holding the national disruptive technology innovation competition issued by the ministry of science and technology, and guided by xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, the competition aims to thoroughly implement the major decisions of the cpc central committee and state council, follow the innovation-driven development strategy, explore new mechanisms for the discovery and selection of disruptive technologies, tap strategic and forward-looking disruptive technologies, foster an enabling environment for disruptive technology innovation throughout society, promote china’s original innovation capability and industrial competitiveness, and provide a powerful driving force for china’s industrial transformation and upgrading, and high-quality economic development.

the competition focuses on technical fields that may produce major breakthroughs, such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, future network and communication technology, biotechnology, new materials, green technology, high-end equipment manufacturing and interdisciplinary science.

the integrated gas biological carbon sequestration technology developed by shougang lanza after a decade of independent r&d can directly convert industrial exhaust gas containing co and co2 into high-value products such as bioethanol and new feed protein, thereby realizing the clean and efficient utilization of industrial exhaust gas, and providing a useful tool for the green reengineering of industrial processes. this technology breaks through the time-space limit in natural protein plant synthesis and solves the technical problem of the efficient conversion of co and co2 at normal temperature and pressure, and can be widely used in such fields as iron and steel metallurgy, calcium carbide production, petrochemical refining and the coal chemical industry, which is of great significance for ensuring china’s food and energy security, and helping to achieve the dual carbon goals.

disruptive technologies are “game-changing” innovations. new technological development modes can be created on the basis of innovative thinking. when disruptive technologies reach a certain stage, they will surpass and replace the existing technologies, producing the revolutionary effect of changing the evolutionary route of technology and subverting the current situation. from a technical point of view, new technology routes will be opened up, producing groundbreaking innovative technologies on the basis of new principles, new combinations and new applications of science and technology. from an industrial point of view, disruptive technologies should be closely integrated with industries; new processes, new products and new models should be formed; and technological innovation should be used to promote industrial upgrading, change the mainstream products and market structure of the industry, and promote the revolutionary and subversive progress of related industries and even the global economy.

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