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five shougang employees selected as capital citizens’ learning stars

release time:2022-03-02 10:31:26

recently, the capital citizens’ learning stars of 2021 were announced, and five shougang employees, namely qinggele jirigele, yan hongwei, dong xiangjuan, guan xiaofeng and zhang yuan, were selected as “capital citizens’ learning stars”.

qinggele jirigele is the chief technical expert of the shougang research institute of technology. with her outstanding scientific research ability and enterprising learning spirit, she led her team to fight at the front line of scientific research, and made outstanding contributions to promoting the green development of the ironmaking process and improving the pelletizing technology level. she has published more than 40 papers in important journals and conferences at home and abroad. as the first person in charge, she has been granted 11 invention patents, and her team has applied for more than 30 patents. her scientific research achievements have won two first prizes in metallurgical science and technology, one third prize in science and technology of hebei province, and five first prizes, six second prizes and three third prizes in science and technology of shougang. she has also won such honorary titles as “model worker of shougang”, “model worker of the national iron and steel industry”, “outstanding young engineer of beijing”, “outstanding communist party member of the beijing sasac system” and “‘model of state-owned enterprises - model of beijing’ top 10 figures ‘model of innovation’”.

yan hongwei is the comprehensive supervisor of the independent operation and maintenance area of the shougang jingtang company’s cold rolling operation department. he has independently developed more than ten systems, including the equipment management information system, media and production capacity management information system and roll system management information system, and obtained four software 九游会j9官网 copyrights and one national patent, thereby saving tens of millions of yuan in total expenses. among his achievements, “construction and implementation of a management mode of ‘public innovation and sharing’ in large iron and steel enterprises” won the first prize for management innovation projects of beijing, and “construction and implementation of a management mode for evaluating skilled staff with multiple position values in large enterprises” won the first prize for innovative achievements in metallurgical enterprise management of the china iron and steel industry association. he has also won such honorary titles as “model worker of shougang”, “model of three innovations of shougang”, “advanced worker of the jingtang company” and “first outstanding talent of the jingtang company”.

dong xiangjuan is a professional technician in the ironmaking pre-chamber pelletizing and ore separation process of the shougang jingtang company’s manufacturing department. always seeing the front line as the frontier of learning and improvement, she has taken root on the front line, served the production line, constantly learned from model workers and craftsmen, and practiced the idea of applying knowledge in practice and realizing mutual promotion between practice and learning. along with her team members, she organized and implemented the company’s r&d and industrial application of new varieties such as magnesium-containing pellets, low-titanium pellets, high-titanium pellets, magnesium-titanium ball pellets and alkaline pellets, giving the production line of jingtang pellet the highest production capacity for the richest varieties in the industry, and setting an excellent example.

dong xiangjuan has won one first prize in metallurgical science and technology, and two first prizes and two second prizes in science and technology of shougang, as well as such titles as “star of shougang” and inclusion among the “ten outstanding young persons” of shougang jingtang.

guan xiaofeng is a mining engineer of the shougang mining company’s shuichang iron mine. for nearly 30 years, he has continuously learned and explored open-pit mining technology in mining areas. he has become a senior mine engineer, national mineral inspector, national non-coal mine safety technical expert and member of the national production safety expert group. in his daily work, he tackles key problems based on resources and makes efforts to tap the potential of more than 1 million tons of ore, thereby winning economic benefits for the company. he has won more than 20 scientific and technological innovation awards, including the special prize in metallurgical science and technology for “research on key technology of safe and efficient mining in large deep open-pit mines”, and the second prize in national progress in science and technology, as well as such honorary awards as “model worker of beijing” and the “capital labor medal”.

zhang yuan is the chief designer of shougang engineering. he takes technology as the foundation, keeps learning, focuses on projects, inherits and carries forward the spirit of shougang, and continuously promotes technological innovation in structural design. he has published nearly 30 articles, applied for 13 national patents and participated in the compilation of two books. the innovation studio which bears his name provided technical support and assisted the company in winning the bidding for shougang jingtang’s pellet yard closure project in 2020. he has won such honors as “technology leader of shougang” and “outstanding contribution award of beijing shougang international engineering technology co., ltd.”.

in order to better carry out the selection and recommendation of “capital citizens’ learning stars”, the publicity department of the shougang group’s party committee issued the notice on applying for participation in the selection of the 12th batch of “capital citizens’ learning stars”. in this way, all units in beijing and hebei were organized to use the democratic recommendation procedure to seek and recommend advanced role models who consciously carry forward core socialist values, firmly establish and actively practice the concept of lifelong learning, combine learning with practice and serve overall enterprise development, thus effectively promoting the majority of employees to strive to become learning-oriented workers and build learning-oriented enterprises through recommendation and application.

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