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“snowy flying apsaras” ushers in first gold medal media focuses on shougang ski jump platform

release time:2022-02-18 10:59:01

on february 8th, in the women’s freestyle skiing big air final held at the shougang ski jump platform, chinese contestant gu ailing made history in the event and won china’s third gold medal with a total score of 188.25! international olympic committee president bach was present at the venue to witness gu ailing’s championship win and congratulate her.

with the magnificent industrial heritage of shougang’s cooling tower as the backdrop, gu ailing sailed into the air, breaking through the “most beautiful skyline” of shougang park and becoming the olympic champion. this is not only gu ailing’s first gold medal at the beijing winter olympics, but the first gold medal to be won at the shougang ski jump platform.

after the competition, the reporter from the beijing daily client asked, “you’ve competed in many venues. how is it different to compete in this venue?” gu ailing answered that she has returned to her hometown to compete this time and she feels very warm inside. she likes the venue under her feet very much. not only does she like the venue, but all the athletes have told her that the shougang ski jump platform is the best venue they have ever skied.

in recent days, the shougang ski jump platform has attracted global attention, and a large number of journalists from all over the world have gathered in shougang park to witness the grand occasion. while people from every country praised gu ailing, the shougang ski jump platform also shocked the world and won the attention of all major media outlets. there have been nearly 3,000 reports on “shougang ski jump platform”, and that number is constantly increasing.

many media groups have made comprehensive reports on the ski jump platform. people's daily published “let the athletes enjoy the competition”; xinhua news agency client issued episode 10 of watching the winter olympic games in the clouds, “the most beautiful new landmark in the west of the city: shougang ski jump platform” and “why hasn’t the largest industrial site in beijing been demolished?”; cctv news client published “the venue is ready and samaranch jr. frequently exclaims, ‘beautiful!’”; economic daily issued “the first permanently retained ski jump platform facility in the world ushers in the first competition on february 7th: ‘flying apsaras snow belt’ soaring over the industrial site”; beijing daily client issued “athletes from all over the world have ‘close contact’ with shougang ski jump platform for the first time”; the paper published “new arrival in shougang park | from steelmaking to icemaking, a “song of fire and ice” is played at the beijing winter olympics” and so on.

people’s daily quoted the praise of the swiss ambassador to china in its report: “the shougang ski jump platform is my favorite olympic competition venue. the former industrial park has taken on an entirely new look following its renovation. now, shougang park integrates sports events and exhibition and convention functions, which is very good. i hope everyone can take a walk and have a look around shougang park.”

cctv news client said in “the venue is ready and samaranch jr. frequently exclaims, ‘beautiful!’”, “samaranch jr. went to the departure area of athletes on the ski jump platform, overlooking the slope and surrounding scenery from a height of 48 meters, and repeatedly praised the events of the platform and surrounding scenery as ‘beautiful’.”

“toutiao” quoted cnn’s report: when the cnn reporters arrived at the shougang ski jump platform, they were shocked and amazed. cnn called it “beautiful scenery” and described it in a lengthy text. the old steelworks and tall chimneys built in 1919 still exist, but they have been rebuilt into a venue for the grand “ski jump” event of the beijing 2022 winter olympics. these historic buildings among huge lakes and brown reeds are branded with “beijing 2022 winter olympics” logos. cnn rarely uses such beautiful figurative sentences and words. the audience can also see a tower standing on the mountain in the distance. one can seemingly overlook the whole industrial park from there.

the paper reported that the world was amazed when gu ailing’s high-flying figure merged with the winter olympics logo of the shougang ski jump platform: “this venue is wonderful. especially when combined with industry, this venue is like a museum. athletes can feel the difference in this venue when they come here.” after the competition, gu ailing praised shougang park.

heaven and earth are witnesses and the sun and the moon are mirrors. designed in 2017, commenced in 2018 and completed in 2019, the shougang ski jump platform became the first newly-built venue to be put into use in the beijing 2022 winter olympics and the only snow competition venue in the beijing competition area.

everyone who has come here has been shocked by the venue, and shougang’s employees who witnessed its construction are filled with pride. during two days of competition, shougang’s employees present at the scene witnessed the beautiful appearance of the platform at the winter olympics, watched the competition and welcomed the first gold medal. their excitement was beyond words.

ding lei from capital development investment fund management co., ltd. came here to watch the qualifiers on the first competition day of the platform. he said that he was shocked by the majestic scale of the snow-covered ski jump platform and infected by the warm smiles of the volunteers as soon as he entered the competition venue. as a shougang person, he felt particularly proud and delighted to watch the olympic games on the platform after participating in its construction and operation management. he hoped that all the contestants would surpass themselves and achieve good results.

luo gang from capital development investment fund management co., ltd. said, “as a shougang person and builder, i’m extremely excited to see the beautiful ski jump platform and the wonderful competition. our platform has withstood the test of the competition today and seen the event through to its conclusion perfectly. all our efforts have been worth it.”

zheng haifeng from cfcg was astonished by the platform’s strong shougang style and winter olympics elements. he said, “the design of the ski jump platform is extremely magnificent and i’m deeply encouraged by the cool poses of the athletes. i feel especially proud as a shougang person! i praise shougang's ski jump platform and the winter olympics!”

having watched today’s final, wang zhen from shougang jingtang said, “more than ten years after the suspension of production here, i’m not only excited to return as an audience member, but when i saw the platform, i felt proud in my heart because its steel was produced by shougang jingtang. today, i just want to say that i’m proud to be a shougang person and i’m proud to be chinese!”

liu zhanbo from shougang jingtang said, “today, i came to the shougang competition area with great excitement to watch the women’s freestyle skiing big air final. snowy flying apsaras is not only graceful and magnificent, but also shocking and amazing. the spotlessly white ice and snow, the exciting and difficult feats of the athletes, and the enthusiasm of the field audience all made me passionate. i cheered and shouted with the other spectators, cheering for the beijing 2022 winter olympics and wishing for our great motherland to be prosperous.”

qu erlong from shougang was full of passion: “beside yongding river and qunming lake, the gorgeous and towering ‘snowy flying apsaras’ shougang ski jump platform shines with a colorful light against sunrise in the winter. a beautiful picture scroll is drawn in white ice, a beautiful platform body, elegant streamlines and quaint cooling towers. the brand-new appearance of the old industrial park is full of vitality. as an old worker of shougang, i felt extremely excited and proud inside! at that moment, i witnessed the heroic postures of athletes ‘going straight into the sky’ from the platform, witnessed the first gold medal to be won on the platform and experienced the inheritance and innovation of shougang today!”

at that moment, the venue was overflowing with joy! with the shougang ski jump platform as the background, gu ailing, winter olympics champion of china, completed a stunning reversal in the world, while the transformation of shougang park will be remembered by the world.

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