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“cicada steel” postcards for beijing 2022 winter olympics presented

release time:2022-02-16 09:55:29

authorized by the beijing organizing committee for the winter olympic games, steel postcards bearing sports icons of the mascot of the beijing 2022 winter olympics were officially presented by china post (15 postcards per set in china, domestic version number: 2022-2-g2w).

fifteen sports looks of bing dwen dwan, the mascot of the beijing winter olympics, and 15 sports icons are presented on thoroughly tempered “cicada steel”, composing a “song of ice and fire” that combines hardness and softness.

stamps, postcards, first day covers and other philatelic items are known as “national name cards”. the contents recorded in these small, exquisite “national name cards” will be imprinted in the minds of the chinese people and become a mark of the times.

“cicada steel” is a type of steel for 5g equipment produced by shougang jingtang. it is so named because it is as thin as a cicada’s wings, reflecting shougang’s powerful scientific research strength and high steel manufacturing capacity. making postcards from steel is a practice which vividly demonstrates shougang’s “intelligent manufacturing” level in the cultural industry, as well as a pioneering work in the history of china’s postal service and even international postal services. as such, “cicada steel” postcards are highly creative and collectable. 

since the organizing committee of the beijing 2022 winter olympic and paralympic games first settled in shougang park, the shougang group has established a very close strategic partnership with the olympics. in order to form a concrete, tangible and long-lasting imprint of shougang’s association with the beijing 2022 winter olympics, after extensive planning and organization, the cultural and creative center of beijing shougang park comprehensive service co., ltd., in collaboration with the marketing department of the beijing organizing committee for the winter olympic games and china post group corporation, has presented “cicada steel” sports postcards for the beijing 2022 winter olympics.

these unique postcards will be issued as licensed products of the 2022 winter olympics in major postal outlets and beijing winter olympics franchise stores nationwide, with a total circulation of 100,000 sets, 15 postcards per set.

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