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8k uhd outdoor large screen among first batch in china unveiled in shougang park

release time:2022-01-31 09:32:11

recently, an 8k ultra-high-definition (uhd) outdoor display screen was installed in shougang park. it is among the first batch of outdoor extra-large 8k screens in china.

the display screen is located at the southeast corner of the junction of qunminghu street and no. 2 blast furnace south road in shougang park. it overlooks the no. 3 blast furnace at 45 degrees and faces the no. 1 blast furnace and chang’an mills. as one of the first uhd video projects to be implemented in beijing, the display screen, composed of 510 individual 640 × 640 mm screens, will be an important carrier for information dissemination.

in order to implement the action plan for the development of the uhd video industry (2019–2022) and opinions on promoting the high-quality development of the radio, tv and online audiovisual industries, vigorously promote the implementation of the “public welfare publicity platform communication project” and enhance the overall strength of china’s next-generation it and cultural industries, the ministry of industry and information technology, publicity department of the cpc central committee, ministry of transport, ministry of culture and tourism, national radio and television administration, and china media group launched the uhd video promotion campaign “hundreds of cities and thousands of screens”. at the same time, in order to rebroadcast the winter olympics, 8k large screens were set up in public places to display high-quality 8k content, driving the coordinated development of all links in the uhd video industry chain.

themed “lighting up the colorful and ultra-clear horizons of hundreds of cities and thousands of screens”, the campaign supports cities with conditions for setting up uhd public screens. by displaying and broadcasting core socialist values, party building activities, the beijing winter olympics, cultural tourism promotion and other content, the screen acts as the main front, main channel and main force for publicizing current affairs and policies, releasing public benefits and promoting core socialist values; carries forward the national spirit; presents chinese culture; and enhances the permeability of the uhd video industry.

shougang actively responded to and played a leading role in the implementation of the uhd video project, and all participating units attached great importance to it. the installation of the large screen required an area of more than 800 m2 to be levelled. on the premise that all participants strictly complied with the epidemic prevention regulations, shougang construction investment was responsible for the overall communication and coordination. shougang group co., ltd., shougang automated information company and beijing shougang park comprehensive service co., ltd. removed ground objects and completed power distribution to ensure the steady progress of the screen’s construction. now completed, the screen will display and broadcast content in line with core socialist values, and carry forward the themes of the times, forming a new feature of shougang park.

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