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beijing shougang park shangri-la hotel starts business

release time:2021-12-29 09:41:56

as a facility built for the olympic games that combines “steel” with softness, december 28th saw the opening of beijing shougang park shangri-la hotel, one of the official reception hotels for the 2022 beijing winter olympic games, which will provide a high-quality service guarantee for the reception of the beijing winter olympic games in shougang park.

zhao minge, deputy party secretary, director and general manager of the shougang group, and bao cunqi, chief operating officer of the shangri-la group and deputy ceo and executive vice president of operations in china, jointly unveiled beijing shougang park shangri-la hotel. the unveiling ceremony was attended by wang zhiyong, deputy head of shijingshan district, liang jie, member of the standing committee of the party committee and deputy general manager of the shougang group, representatives of relevant parties, guests and media reporters. 

liang jie said that shougang park shangri-la hotel, a creative work integrating wisdom and execution, is another great achievement presented by shougang and shangri-la hand in hand following “shang brew”. the beijing winter olympic games is fast approaching. we believe that as a unique industrial characteristic hotel in the world, it will further stimulate and attract the love and yearning of more people along with the new vitality of shougang park in urban rehabilitation.

bao cunqi said that shougang park shangri-la hotel is a new classic in our half century of asian hospitality. it combines the fashionable and modern hotel experience with magnificent steel culture through bold design innovation, creating a popular destination worth looking forward to for domestic and international guests by taking advantage of the favorable time and place of the shougang ski jump platform competition of the beijing winter olympic games.

located in the core area of the park, shougang park shangri-la hotel is situated in the landscape of shijing mountain and qunming lake, and adjacent to the ski jump platform of the beijing 2022 winter olympic games and liugonghui shopping center. the hotel transforms the old power plant into a new urban living space, introduces the concepts of environmental protection and science and technology, meets the needs of business activities, vacation and relaxation, and helps to build a new landmark of urban rejuvenation. it is a new and vivid practice of promoting the “cultural rejuvenation, industrial rejuvenation, ecological rejuvenation and vitality rejuvenation” of shougang park.

combining shougang’s industrial culture inheritance with shangri-la’s modern design aesthetics and green and sustainable concepts, the hotel will not only create a brand-new experience of fashion and vitality for shougang park, but also provide a high-quality service guarantee for the 2022 winter olympic games, opening a new chapter in a facility built for the olympics games that combines “steel” with softness.

the hotel is composed of three buildings. the main building, building a, completely retains the architectural framework of the original shougang electric power plant, and the glass outer wall of the building is like a transparent feather coat wrapping the rough industrial structure, giving each other the radiance and beauty of natural light. as the main entrance and reception lobby of the hotel, the interior of the building is industrial and mainly made of steel, with soft, organic wooden lines and red steel spiral stairs with a distinctive style connecting many spaces in sequence, bringing bright colors to the whole field of vision. as an extension of the main building, building b of the hotel holds the dining area, spa and wellness center, and children’s playground. building c of the hotel has 283 guest rooms and suites. guests can enjoy a panoramic view of shijing mountain, yongding river and qunming lake through floor-to-ceiling windows.

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