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old workshop in shougang park transformed into official hotel for winter olympics

release time:2021-12-08 09:38:27

shangri-la shougang park hotel, one of the official hotels for the 2022 beijing winter olympics, is expected to open at the end of december.

located in the heart of shougang park, shangri-la shougang park hotel embraces stunning views of shijing mountain and qunming lake, and neighbors the shougang ski jump platform and “four stadiums” of the national winter sports training center. covering an area of 30,600 m2, the hotel has a floor area of 63,600 m2, including 33,000 m2 underground and 30,600 m2 aboveground. buildings a and b cover an area of 11,400 m2, and building c, where the guest rooms are located, covers an area of 19,200 m2. there are 283 rooms, which can accommodate more than 500 people at a time.

the former power plant for steel production has been transformed into a high-end industrial style hotel that will host guests during the winter olympics.

building a of the hotel is equipped with a lobby bar, restaurants and check-in area. building b provides the supporting functional areas of the hotel, including a children’s playground, swimming pool, dining area, multi-functional hall, etc. building c accommodates 283 guest rooms, of which 17 are family and executive suites, and the rest are standard rooms. guests staying in different rooms will have different views of shijing mountain, yongding river, qunming lake and the ski jump platform.

despite having such a large and historic object as its bearing platform, the hotel is not crowded. the lobby has a 25-meter high ceiling, which increases the headroom so that the hotel does not feel oppressive in the slightest. before the transformation, the constructors tested the roof and decided to reprocess it according to the original workshop drawings, then designed the lighting windows and insulation layer, making the thermal insulation performance of the whole building more complete.

in the transformation, the whole structure of the workshop was strengthened, the original structural walls were removed, the frame was retained, the structural columns and beams were exposed, the interior was reinforced and curtain walls were installed. “we tried to reveal the industrial-style structures to highlight the industrial heritage of the hotel,” said duan ruofei, assistant to the head of the engineering construction department of shougang construction investment.

the curtain wall of the hotel consists of three layers of glass that form two interlayers, enabling it to keep the hotel building warm in winter and insulated in summer. the air curtain machine on the ground near the window can reduce the energy consumption of the lobby air conditioning system as much as possible. the hotel also uses solar water-heating equipment, and the floor of “shang market”, a full-time restaurant on the first floor, is paved with precast concrete bricks which are partly made from “recycled” construction waste.

during the winter olympics, more than 100 employees will participate in the operation of the hotel, including many transferred from shougang park. song baoyuan, a 32-year-old laboratory technician of the shougang coking plant who once served in the military, is now in charge of the hotel’s security along with 22 transferred employees.

“before i came to the hotel, i worked in the security department of the park. i’m very proud to have the opportunity to serve the winter olympics at the front line. as a former steel worker and now a service provider for the winter olympic games, i feel a great responsibility. i’m confident that i’ll be able to complete my work in the hotel in a more responsible manner during the winter olympics and show the strength of state-owned enterprises in beijing through my dedication and passion as a steel worker,” song baoyuan said.

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