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snowmaking process begins at shougang ski jump platform

release time:2021-12-17 08:37:37

in the early hours of december 12th, snowmaking for the winter olympics began at shougang ski jump platform. ten yellow and white snow guns and cannons gave off a beautiful water mist that drifted through the air and quickly condensed into snow. against the elegant ski jump platform, snowflakes flew all over the sky like a fairyland in dunhuang…

located in shougang park, beijing, shougang ski jump platform is the only snow event venue for the beijing 2022 winter olympics, set to host snowboarding big air and freestyle skiing big air. four gold medals will be decided here. snowmaking is expected to be completed around january 20th, depending on weather conditions. there are three main stages: snowmaking for tracks, snow for the snow storage area and snow filling by the secondary shaping team. nearly 8,000 m3 of snow will be made for tracks and handed over to the secondary shaping team before december 31st. the mountain operation team will carry out the task of storing 3,600 m3 of snow in the snow storage area as required by the plan before january 10th, and complete snow filling according to the requirements of the experts in the secondary shaping team before january 20th. for this snowmaking process, the mountain operation team specially added four snow cannons to the existing seven snow guns to cope with the characteristics of late cooling and short cold wave duration in the urban area of beijing. on december 12th, the mountain operation team set up four snow guns and two snow cannons in the starting area of the tracks, two snow guns and two snow cannons in the finishing area, and one snow gun as a backup.

reporters on the scene witnessed shougang employees working hard and sticking to their posts. it was cold outside during the snowmaking process, but the moment the snow was made, they all had bright smiles on their faces. when asked if it was cold, they said, “it’s cold, but seeing the snow makes us feel warm.”

han dong, manager of the venue and infrastructure business mountain operation of the shougang ski jump platform venue operation team, is from the marketing business department of the shougang sports company. as he explained, “the mountain operation mainly includes snowmaking, safety protection system installation and maintenance, snow groomer maintenance, general and large sports equipment purchase and management, athletes’ shuttle bus management and so on. as a young member of shougang, it is a rare opportunity for me to participate in service support for the winter olympics. i will complete every detail with the olympic spirit, the spirit of craftsmanship and the spirit of shougang, and contribute to the strength of youth for the winter olympics.” wei wei, snowmaking supervisor of the venue and infrastructure business mountain operation, is from the marketing department of the shougang sports company. he is mainly responsible for arranging the overall snowmaking plan, deploying personnel and communicating and coordinating with other business areas in the snowmaking process. he said, “as a member of the group, i feel greatly honored to be involved in providing services for the beijing winter olympics. i will devote myself to my work with the greatest enthusiasm and the most active attitude.”

in the snowmaking pump room, the reporters met liu yuchuan, assistant of the coordination department of shougang construction investment’s shougang ski jump platform project. as the venue and infrastructure manager of the venue operation team, he explained to the reporters that if the whole snowmaking system can be likened to the human body, the snowmaking pump room is like the heart, and mainly includes the snowmaking control system terminal, reservoir, cooling tower and water pumps; the water pumps pressurize water and transport it through supply pipes to various locations, ensuring an adequate water supply for the snowmaking equipment. shougang is the owner of the ski jump venue, and all members of shougang involved in infrastructure service support are doing their best to ensure adequate water, electricity, energy, equipment, etc. for the snowmaking task.

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