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​shougang beiye multi-model special strips successfully applied in long march-5b y2 carrier rocket

release time:2021-12-07 08:30:59

recently, the shougang beiye company received a thank you letter from the long march 5 carrier rocket model office. it reads, “the multi-model special alloy strips produced by your company for rockets are stable in performance and reliable in quality. the rocket flight test suggests that they meet the flight requirements. the successful launch of the long march-5b y2 carrier rocket embodies your wisdom and dedication.”

on april 29th, 2021, the long march-5b y2 carrier rocket accurately sent the tianhe core module of the space station into the pre-selected orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success. thus, china’s manned space project successfully won the first battle in the orbital construction of the space station, marking the start of the full implementation stage.

as a national key project supporting unit and the key r&d and production base of aerospace materials, based on the r&d of high-end metallic functional materials and relying on complete sets of production equipment such as smelting, hot working and cold working, the beiye company has formed and cultivated an r&d team with wide professional coverage, rich experience, exquisite technology, rich education and high quality, which has the ability to independently research and produce high-end metallic functional materials. over the years, it has made significant contributions to the research, construction, experimental cooperation and supporting work of national key projects such as manned spaceflight projects and moon landing projects. 

during the launch of the long march-5b y2 carrier rocket, the beiye company undertook the r&d of multi-model special alloy strips for rockets. facing huge challenges such as the high performance, strict surface quality and short delivery time requirements of such strips, the leaders of the beiye company attached great importance to the project and organized a special r&d team to tackle the key technical difficulties. from alloy composition optimization and purity control to smelting, hot working, cold working, etc., a great deal of research was carried out day and night. after repeated tests, the beiye company finally made breakthroughs and successfully developed multi-model special alloy strips, thus fully completing product development and ensuring the timely delivery of materials and the smooth progress of model development.

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