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media groups visit shougang park and view “flying snow apsaras”

release time:2021-12-07 08:29:28

on november 11th, representatives of more than 30 news media groups including the people’s daily, xinhua news agency and china media group visited shougang ski jump platform to learn about its overall construction, design concept and plans for its utilization after the winter olympics. shougang ski jump platform, the only snow event venue for the beijing 2022 winter olympics, will host snowboarding big air and freestyle skiing big air events. four gold medals will be decided here. at present, the main structure of shougang ski jump platform, referee tower, fixed stands and ancillary buildings have all been completed, the venue operation team has settled in, and the construction of temporary facilities is underway. snowmaking is expected to start in mid-to-late december, depending on weather conditions. 

in recent days, news reports including “design of shougang ski jump platform incorporates ‘flying snow apsaras’ in dunhuang frescoes”, “anticipation! snowmaking for ‘flying snow apsaras’ will start mid-to-late next month”, “what it is like to stand on the top of shougang ski jump platform?”, “a shining new landmark! shougang ski jump platform shows china’s charm to the world”, “shougang ski jump platform awaits top skaters to challenge their limits in the winter olympics” have flooded our screens, enabling more people to gain an in-depth understanding of shougang park and shougang ski jump platform.

liu jingze, a reporter from beijing sports radio, said, “when i visited shougang in 2019 for the snowboard world cup, foreign athletes spoke highly of the platform. this time, i came to shougang feeling different than i did before. from the variable curved track of the ski jump platform and the stand area with its atmospheric lighting system, i feel that the construction of shougang ski jump platform is more optimized and advanced now. i hope more people will come here in 2022 to see the beauty of shougang ski jump platform, which is everlasting, day and night, during and after the competition. shougang ski jump platform shows the unique charm of this new landmark in western beijing, so i hope more people will come here to enjoy its beauty.” 

“now that i’m visiting shougang park again, i feel that this event is very meaningful” said yu qianqian, a reporter from workers’ daily, who had also visited shougang park before. “shougang park is completely different than it was before. as earth-shaking changes have taken place, the park is more charming now, with a stronger atmosphere of the winter olympics. shougang ski jump platform has become a representative monument of the perfect integration of shougang’s industrial site culture with olympic culture. at the same time, we’ve seen shougang making great efforts for this winter olympics. we hope more people will visit shougang park to witness its charm.”

a unique “ramp escalator” leading up to the 48-meter-high athletes’ starting area offers a panoramic view of shougang park. zeng kexin from sstv made an on-camera report here, saying, “this is my first time seeing and getting close to shougang ski jump platform. i’ve seen all kinds of reports about shougang park. it’s a great honor to come here and see such an intelligent and beautiful venue for the winter olympics. i’m very impressed by shougang, a large state-owned enterprise, for its support and contributions to the olympic games.”

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