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shoujia steel structure passes “zhongguancun high-tech enterprise” certification

release time:2021-11-09 09:08:39

recently, shoujia steel structure co., ltd., a subsidiary of shougang chengyun, passed “zhongguancun high-tech enterprise” certification. this shows that shoujia steel structure has strong innovation ability and market competitiveness by virtue of its one-stop services for the r&d, planning, design, construction and operation of intelligent stereo garages.

since its establishment, shougang chengyun has always been committed to solving parking difficulties in cities and providing comprehensive intelligent solutions. shoujia steel structure, a subsidiary of shougang chengyun, is a professional company that provides one-stop services for the r&d, planning, design, construction and operation of intelligent stereo garages, and insists on paying equal attention to r&d and design. at present, it has designed and manufactured six series of more than 20 kinds of mechanical stereo garages, and two kinds of intelligent bus and bicycle stereo garages, thereby meeting the individualized needs of different venues. in 2019, shoujia steel structure was named the “most growable enterprise in the mechanical parking equipment industry” by the industry association, and in 2020, r&d, design and application of intelligent bus stereo garages won the second prize at the shougang science and technology awards, making it the only enterprise in china with two types of intelligent bus garage manufacturing qualifications. in 2020, it completed the reservation of new garages for buses, cars and bicycles, designed nearly 5,000 parking spaces, added 11 patents and led the preparation of the general technical specifications for mechanical parking equipment for buses.

this time, shoujia steel structure has obtained “zhongguancun high-tech enterprise” certification, marking another breakthrough in the high-tech field after being awarded “national high-tech enterprise” certification last october. with the “double new” certification, shougang chengyun will further promote its independent innovation and r&d, and provide more urban customers with high-quality intelligent stereo garages and satisfactory services.

“zhongguancun high-tech enterprise” refers to a domestic or international advanced enterprise that persists in the r&d and transformation of technological achievements in the high-tech fields supported by the state in zhongguancun science park, develops business activities on this basis and transforms major high-tech achievements into productivity. meanwhile, “high-tech enterprise” is a special qualification established by the state to support and encourage the development of high-tech enterprises, adjust the industrial structure and enhance national economic competitiv

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