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shougang’s 6.8 million kwh distributed photovoltaic project successfully realizes grid-connected power generation

release time:2021-11-09 09:07:03

the 6.8 million kwh distributed photovoltaic project, a large-scale green energy demonstration project implemented by shougang, has generated 1.1752 million kwh of electricity since it was put into production at the end of june, achieving good energy-saving, environmental and social benefits.

this is shougang’s first large-scale energy performance contracting project, which is an important measure for building green factories and fulfilling the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises. its total installed capacity is 5.69 mw. after being put into operation, it will produce about 6.8 million kwh of green and clean energy every year, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 6,013.2 tons.

in order to ensure that the project could be completed on schedule, shougang positively explored innovative ideas. it first organized a careful survey of the parking lots and roof resources in the factory. after analysis and filtration, it determined four roofs and five parking lots suitable for the development and construction of a photovoltaic power plant. during the implementation of the project, the power failure cabinet connection of 17 grid-connected cabinets was the most difficult task. in addition, the main production lines were intensively guaranteeing and reaching output, so it was very difficult to work with power failure, and one small mistake could affect production and even cause accidents. in order to ensure that the low-voltage cabinet connection could be completed safely and on schedule, shougang positively coordinated all owners and units, and carefully organized the close cooperation of professional departments and offices such as the equipment department to make full use of production line maintenance, weekends and holidays in the race against time to complete the connection. relevant professionals also took the initiative to work overtime and stayed at the construction site throughout the project. during the construction of the connection, the power stopped and started more than 30 times, involving eight distribution rooms and 12 transformers. after 28 days of hard work, the construction of 17 grid-connected cabinets in the systems of zhixin electromagnetic, the hot rolling operation department and office building was finally completed safely and smoothly.

a total of 16,483 photovoltaic panels have been installed in this project, which not only obtains and uses clean and green energy for the company, but also saves more than rmb 600,000 in electricity charges every year while helping green and low-carbon development.

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