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shougang wins 2021 metallurgical science and technology awards for 13 achievements

release time:2021-10-28 09:48:56

recently, the winners of the 2021 metallurgical science and technology awards of the china iron and steel association and chinese society for metals were announced. a total of 13 achievements won metallurgical science and technology awards, including five led by the shougang group and eight in which the shougang group participated; one achievement won the special prize, four achievements won the first prize, five achievements won the second prize and three achievements won the third prize. this shows the continuous rise of shougang’s technological innovation ability and fully reflects the great importance that shougang has attached to the leading role of innovation and empowerment by technology in recent years.

at the awards ceremony, carbon dioxide green and clean steelmaking technology and application in which shougang participated won the special prize; and jingtang low-carbon clean and efficient iron making process and technology integration led by shougang and shougang hierro peru high-purity iron concentrate beneficiation technology and comprehensive utilization of associated copper, lead and zinc, research and application of ac-dc-ac transmission system of 1,780 mm tandem cold rolling mill and integration and application of multifunctional, high-efficiency, low-consumption and ultra-low emission key technologies of steel exhaust gas in which shougang participated won the first prize. 

projects winning the second prize included development and application of high-efficiency production technology for the whole steelmaking process based on large-scale equipment and ultra-low same-plate difference control technology for high-grade non-oriented silicon steel led by shougang, and key technology innovation and engineering application of low-alloy corrosion resistant steel r&d based on corrosion big data, technology and equipment for efficient tank-type pressurized heat treatment of molten steel slag and r&d and application of molong hismelt reduction technology in which shougang participated. 

projects winning the third prize included ultra-thin tinplate efficient green manufacturing technology and application and research and application of core equipment of intelligent multifunctional steel coil transportation system in steel mills led by shougang, and microwave remediation technology and equipment of organic contaminated soil in iron and steel industrial parks in which shougang participated.

the metallurgical science and technology awards are the highest science and technology awards in china’s metallurgical industry. they aim to promote scientific and technological progress and innovation in the industry, and encourage the behavior of promoting the development of the industry through science and technology. they are evaluated and awarded once a year. at the 2021 metallurgical science and technology awards, a total of three special prizes, 21 first prizes, 32 second prizes and 57 third prizes were awarded.

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