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beijing shougang wins “sincere partner award” of gwm

release time:2021-10-28 09:45:48

recently, at the 2021 annual global partner meeting held by great wall motors (gwm), beijing shougang co., ltd. stood out from more than 600 suppliers for its outstanding performance in r&d, quality, technology, delivery and after-sales, and won the “sincere partner award”. this is the highest award established by gwm for its suppliers after comprehensive evaluation. beijing shougang was the only partner among all steel suppliers to receive this honor.

over the years, the shougang auto sheet team has regarded gwm, located in the core survival area, as an important strategic user working with clients to jointly cope with market changes and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

at present, gwm has seven production bases in china, and shougang has assigned full-time site representatives to all seven. the site representatives insist that “service is not shouting slogans”. while helping users to solve on-site problems, they are brave in taking responsibility, coordinating processing, distribution and other supply guarantee matters, and making suggestions for the jit precise distribution cooperation mode between both parties, thereby becoming the most reliable link in the supply chain and escorting the smooth production of gwm. in 2020, in the face of the covid-19 outbreak, shougang’s production, marketing and research teams actively met the needs of gwm, established teleconferencing mechanisms using various modern communication means such as telephone, wechat and video, and provided technical support at any time. at the beginning of 2021, the general manager of gwm’s xushui branch sent a thank you letter which praised shougang’s service team for their dedication and the speed with which they confronted problems and solved them.

beijing shougang focused on the needs of gwm for lightweight substrates, and first completed the material certification of dh590, dh780 and dh980 in gwm. dh steel was widely used in the haval h6 and other major models, and its stable quality was recognized by gwm. this achievement not only contributed to the implementation of gwm’s lightweight strategy, but also helped the ora r1 biw win the innovation award at the 13th automotive lightweight conference and the haval b01 biw win the excellence award at the 14th automotive lightweight conference.

as the main application product of automobile energy saving and emission reduction, the galvanized coating-free outer plate is the key promotion product of shougang’s automobile plates. the shougang auto sheet team thought about what the clients wanted, took leading technology as the focus and breakthrough point, exerted the joint efforts of the production, marketing and research teams, and successfully cooperated with gwm to complete technical research on the “influence of the surface properties of coating-free plates and lacquer film thickness on painting”. after being certified by gwm, it was first applied to the “gwm gun” model at the gwm chongqing base, then successively applied to various models in the taizhou and pinghu bases, with parts including side walls, hoods, front and rear doors, fenders, back doors, etc., providing support for gwm’s cost reduction and environmental strategies.

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