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cctv news channel special report:the shougang group sets a green model with full-process ultra-low emissions

release time:2021-09-29 09:27:33

on july 16, the “oriental horizon” of the cctv news channel featured a special report on the shougang co., ltd.’s ultra-low emissions achievement. the report was titled "building a green steel enterprise model with full-process ultra-low emissions".

shougang co., ltd. has focused on the "opinions on promoting the implementation of ultra-low emissions in the iron and steel industry" issued by five ministries and commissions including the ministry of ecology and environment, and is striving to build a green development demonstration enterprise. the company has ultra-low emission standards that are far higher than the current standards both at home and abroad. in the absence of any precedents to learn from, the joint-stock company dared to take the lead. after two years of hard work, the company continued to carry out integrated and independent innovation, vigorously implementing ultra-low-emission environmental protection projects with organized and unorganized emission control and increasing the proportion of clean energy transportation as their main content. they also actively adopted various new environmental protection technologies to transform environmental protection facilities, developed a series of organized and unorganized collaborative governance technologies, and built organized online data monitoring and unorganized comprehensive governance management and control platforms, and implemented 70 ultra-low emission renovation projects. in doing so, they have achieved an organized ultra-low emissions and an unorganized comprehensive management of the entire process, and the emissions of organized particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide have been reduced by 23%, 64% and 57% year-on-year, respectively. after 57 days of monitoring by the national environmental protection monitoring station, all of them have reached the standard, becoming the first and only company in the steel industry to pass the full-process ultra-low emission assessment and acceptance in china.

building a clean, civilized, environmentally friendly and energy-saving ecological steel enterprise is the first step in promoting the high-quality development of the enterprise. the shougang co., ltd. will continue to unswervingly follow the path of green and low-carbon recycling development, uphold the concept of coexistence of environmental benefits and corporate production and operation benefits, insist on environmental protection, continually promote the use of new environmental protection technology, deepen the construction of environmental protection culture, promote green manufacturing, make low-emission governance replicated and promoted, actively fulfill social responsibilities, make positive contributions to the promotion and application of environmental protection technologies in the metallurgical industry, help the blue sky defense battle, and firmly strive to be an environmental benchmark enterprise in the steel industry.

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