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shougang wins awards for several achievements in party building research

release time:2021-09-29 09:25:42

recently, the beijing soe party building research society released the 2020 outstanding party building research project recognition list; shougang won awards for eight achievements in party building research, including including two first prizes, one second prize, two third prizes and three excellence awards.

in 2020, party organizations at all levels of the shougang group conscientiously studied and implemented xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era; fully implemented the spirit of the 19th cpc national congress and the second, third, fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the 19th cpc central committee; established the “four consciousnesses”, bolstered the “four matters of confidence” and defended the “two upholds”; strengthened the party’s political construction and fostered a sound political environment; consolidated and deepened educational achievements under the theme of “staying true to our original aspirations and keeping our mission firmly in mind”; continued to give priority to party building; stimulated innovation in party building; and consolidated the foundation for party building. the quality of grassroots party building has been constantly improving. adhering to the problem-orientated approach, the shougang group party committee has organized party organizations at all levels to put forward working ideas and specific measures for key and difficult issues in party building through in-depth investigation, and formed a batch of high-quality results in party building research.

the shougang group party committee recommended the party building research results of selected units for participation in the selection of party building research results of the 2020 soe party building research society. among them, on the application and practice of constructing and consolidating a closed-loop management framework for the responsibility of the subject of party building by the mining company party committee and practice of optimizing enterprises’ party building system to help high-quality enterprise development by the jingtang company party committee won the first prize; research report on establishing and perfecting the assessment and evaluation methods of grassroots party branches in state-owned enterprises by the cold-rolled sheet company party committee won the second prize; giving full play to the leading role of party building to provide a strong organizational guarantee for building a “new landmark of capital city revival in the new era” by the shougang construction investment company party committee and exploration and practice of state-owned enterprise party branches participating in the decision-making and management of major matters by the zhongshou company party committee won the third prize; and creating the “five frontlines” working method to give full play to the role of grassroots party branches as battle forts by the jingtang company’s tinplate division party committee, reflection and practice on giving full play to the role of “three-level subjects” to build the “party building cohesion” project by the mining company’s xingshan iron mine party committee and creating the party building brand of “pioneer steel city” to boost the exploration and implementation of the high-quality development of shuicheng iron & steel by the shuicheng iron & steel party committee won the excellence award.

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