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young shougang employee guo xi rated beijing five-star volunteer

release time:2021-08-23 13:52:00

recently, the list of the seventh batch of beijing five-star volunteers was released. after strict verification and screening by the beijing volunteer service federation, guo xi from the shougang engineering company was selected for inclusion in the list, making him the first shougang employee to be rated as a beijing five-star volunteer.

since june 2008, guo xi has volunteered more than 600 times and served for more than 2,000 hours. he has volunteered to provide guidance at venues of the beijing olympic games and provided volunteer services at chairman mao memorial hall. he has been a volunteer of the women’s chinese basketball association (wcba) (beijing division) for five consecutive seasons, china basketball association (cba) (beijing division) for four consecutive seasons and china women’s table tennis league (beijing division) for the 2017 season, and has participated in various volunteer service activities such as “garbage sorting, standing by trash cans”. he often spends time with autistic children at beijing xiaofeixiang rehabilitation center, visits elderly people with no family members in elderly care centers and organizes community residents to participate in various recreational and sports activities. as an employee of shougang, guo xi loves public welfare undertakings and plays an active role in the company’s volunteer activities. he has been awarded the honorary title of “excellent volunteer” by the beijing municipal committee of the communist youth league of china and beijing volunteer service federation.

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