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shougang chengyun’s “ferris wheels” enter slow traffic system in fangshan

release time:2021-08-17 10:04:27

recently, residents passing by libafang subway station in fangshan district of beijing encountered several ferris wheel-like new facilities around the station. they are vertical circulating stereoscopic bicycle garages independently researched and developed by shougang chengyun as part of the changyang pilot construction project of the beijing fangshan district slow traffic system reconstruction project.

in the changyang section, a side road of jingliang road in fangshan district of beijing, new red bicycle lanes can be seen near every major intersection, forming a part of changyang’s slow traffic system. the colorfully paved bicycle lanes cover 15,000 m2, connecting the business district, living quarters, parks and squares together to create a high-quality green slow traffic system featuring “unobstructed lanes, enjoyable cycling, smooth connection and free control of speed”. as many commuters use libafang subway station and space is limited, these vertical circulating stereoscopic bicycle garage facilities have been built to enhance orderly parking near the station, making it more convenient to park and take bicycles, and smoother and faster for passengers used to cycling to pick a suitable shared bicycle.

this time, shougang chengyun has built four vertical circulating stereoscopic bicycle garages at the east entrance b2 of libafang subway station in fangshan district. each garage has four floors and six car carrying boards, each of which can hold 13 bicycles, for a total of 78 parking spaces per garage. thus, the project has a total of 312 parking spaces which are now ready for use.

wang jing, head of the third business division of shougang chengyun, said, “these stereoscopic bicycle garages independently developed by shougang chengyun were widely used in beijing’s first bicycle lane project in 2019. after several years of technical iteration and project application, it has become a very mature product. in recent years, shougang chengyun has been working on the integration of its own products with the project environment, and can provide separate customization for the product exterior, allowing them to better integrate into the environment.”

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