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the first splitting and polishing line independently developed by jingtang successfully launched

release time:2021-04-28 09:10:35

on the eve of the spring festival, the first splitting and polishing line of composite coils independently developed by shougang jingtang was successfully launched, marking an important step by shougang jingtang in the process of composite product production and research and development.

at present, the market demand for composite coils is growing day by day. however, due to the coiling characteristics of strip steel, the current equipment is incapable of producing composite coils. in this context, the project of splitting and polishing composite coils was put on the agenda. without a mature domestic production line for reference, the team could only start from scratch. jingtang company worked with shougang international, shougang research institute of technology, and other units to tackle key problems associated with equipment for the splitting and polishing line, finally developing a multi-function integrated production line capable of simultaneously completing splitting, shape correction, and plate polishing of composite coils. this project was implemented on the jingtang company’s original 300,000-ton crosscutting production line, maximizing the benefit of the old original equipment and greatly reducing the capital investment required.

due to particularity of the ply rolling production of composite coils, the splitting and polishing line must have many functions, including splitting, re-coiling, improving plate shape, and rough and refined polishing. after collecting data from many sources and holding several discussions on the plan, the designers were able to overcome several difficulties, such as the complex equipment layout and need to establish multiple independent control points throughout the line, finally successfully creating a short-process integrated production line. the splitting and polishing line of composite coils is now in the trial production stage. the finished composite coils can be 3 to 12mm thick, with excellent performance indexes and a highest strength reaching 1000mpa. 

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