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beijing shougang builds a new pattern of safe and green development through its “five adherences”

release time:2021-04-22 09:09:14

beijing shougang, by earnestly implementing the spirit of the group safety and environmental protection conference, comprehensively summarizing the work of safety and environmental protection in 2020, carrying out the new development concept and innovation-driven guidance, and shouldering responsibility, has built a new pattern of safe and green development.

beijing shougang will continue to take party building and responsibility as its core and strengthen basic support for it. it will promote safety through party building, protect the environment by taking responsibility, and give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members. it will adhere to the principle of “the same responsibility of the party and government, two responsibilities of one position, joint management and accountability for failure of duty”; focus on the “critical minority”; deepen integrated management and control of targets, indicators and responsibilities; and take solving problems as the yardstick to measure its implementation of safety and environmental protection responsibilities, so that the safety red line and the environmental protection bottom line will become a visible and untouchable “high voltage line”.

it will adhere to the principle of observing standards and policies to strengthen support for management. according to the new national standardized evaluation rules and the provisions of the local government and based on the actual situation, it will complete policy revisions, and put them on record level by level. it will organize related functional departments and operation departments to carry out standardized management and normalized operation, and upgrade basic safety management. pursuant to the requirements of the ministry of ecology and environment and the revised law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, it will organize the manufacturing department and the purchasing center to develop management standards, take special actions of environmental assessment and pollution discharge permit inspection and remediation, focus closely on weak processes and prevent management loopholes to ensure legal compliance. it will strictly implement the inspection policy for on-duty dispatching, make full use of the dispatching team on duty, sort out safety points, clarify the environmental inspection process, and improve the quality and ability of professional workers.

it will adhere to the path of intelligence and innovation to strengthen support for data. with data collection, statistics and analysis as the starting point, it included 129 key parameters at 17 points, such as the gas tank area and gas area, into the double control system; added monitoring probes and dust suppression facilities to the south material yard, the south sintering material yard, the inside of the coarse and junk material yard, and the key belt system; and realized integrated management and intelligent control over the environmental system and the site through automatic monitoring, video and the beidou positioning system. it employed mobile application real-time interconnection to explore the construction of intelligent, informationized and technology-based safe factories, providing reliable support for the early warning and prediction of safe and green production.

it will adhere to the themes of synergy and win-win to strengthen support for its platform. it will fully utilize the function and role of platform management of the steel module, record the work plans for each unit of the module, and strictly supervise them. it will organize at least two safety inspections of the module a year for checking and learning from each other. according to the revised law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, depending on the actual situation of each unit of the module, it will develop effective measures and intensify internal recycling to ensure compliant disposal in the stages of generation, transportation, storage and disposal. it will collect the good experience and practices of each unit of the module, and promote them through learning, discussion and experience sharing, so as to improve the overall safety and environmental protection management level of the steel module. it will achieve quality training resource sharing via new media.

it will adhere to culture and philosophy as the foundation of strengthening support for development. with the “employee family” as the carrier, it will carry out a safety knowledge competition, a micro video production, and a series of safety experience sharing activities to create a safe “home” culture and build a safe production family line of defense. it will firmly establish the concept of “our environmental protection is everyone’s environmental protection”, and form a good atmosphere in which everyone pays attention to environmental protection and participates in environmental protection.

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