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shougang extreme park opened to the public for the first time; first "august 8 beijing sports consumption festival" held

release time:2020-10-12 09:42:34

in order to actively respond to the impact of the epidemic, promote sports consumption, boost market confidence, and help beijing's consumption season event, on august 8, the municipal sports bureau combined with national fitness events and adopted the model of "government setting up stage, corporate singing, and public participation" to jointly organize the first "august 8 beijing sports consumption festival" with the park sports center, jd group and other companies.

relying on the capital’s rich sports resources, this event fully mobilized the enthusiasm of sports enterprises, institutions, sports clubs and other parties through discounted consumption, free experiences, live commerce and other methods, and organized a variety of online and offline sports consumption events to create a national sports carnival with sports industry characteristics. shougang extreme park, which will officially open in early september, opened to the public for the first time at this event, attracting more than 100 skateboarding enthusiasts.

shougang extreme park is a cool sports park full of industrial style, dynamic fashion, and hard-core charm, which is transformed by the cooperation of the chinese roller-skating association, chinese mountaineering association and shougang by using old industrial remains. the park contains three parts: a skateboarding field, a rock-climbing field and a leisure area, covering a total area of 17,900 square meters. the scale of the venue ranks among the top three in china. it not only provides a competition-level venue for professional extreme sports enthusiasts, but also integrates rock climbing areas where children and other non-professionals participate, increasing public participation. skateboarders of different ages and levels gather here to learn from each other's skills, share experience, and cheer for the wonderful performance of the masters.

in this event, the shougang park sports center specially invited professional coaches and top skaters from the street force skate club to provide open class teaching and live performances. skateboarders not only listened to the open skateboarding class and watched the live skating show, but also experienced the uniqueness of beijing's largest outdoor skateboarding venue and witnessed the appearance of beijing's new skateboarding landmark. a lottery was also held at the event site. the prizes included a season ticket worth 599 yuan and a single ticket worth 59 yuan, as well as t-shirts, key chains, and more.

in the evening of the same day, in the “beijing business today” august 8 big-promotion taobao live broadcast event, the person in charge of the shougang park sports center company acted as a live broadcast guest on the online live broadcast, and ticket vouchers for the extreme park worth 50 yuan were awarded.

those who participated in this event enjoyed the unique charm of the professional venue and were satisfied with the surrounding facilities and thoughtful service. ding yi, a professional skateboarder who experienced the venue, said in an interview: “i have been skateboarding for 6 years and have experienced many training and competition venues. this time, i came to shougang extreme park and i felt that the environment here is very good. the open-air venue is well-lit and the terrain is open. what’s more, the venue has a fine texture and comfortable sliding. there are many types of obstacles on the track provided by the facilities, which are conducive to the training of professional players to master the characteristics of different obstacles and improve their competitive level. i hope to have another opportunity to come here for training again." skateboarding enthusiast shi chenxi said that his home was in beijing and he had deep feelings for the remains of shougang’s old industry. he heard that the shougang extreme park had built a roller-skating venue and held this event, so he was very excited. after he came here, he was shocked by the perfect integration of the industrial style and the extreme sports venue. after experiencing the venue, he felt that the venue design was very inclusive and that the venue and facilities of different difficulties could not only meet the needs of professional players, but also provide a learning and training space for beginners. therefore, he would invite friends to come here to learn and train.

shougang extreme park, as the most unique (industrial features fused with extreme sports), largest (the largest outdoor extreme venue in beijing), and the most professional (meeting the requirements for international professional events), is an extreme sports-themed outdoor sports venue in beijing. in the future, it will rely on the advantages of shougang park's "sports " industrial resources to develop more new businesses, focus on introducing top-level ip events, hold a wealth of outdoor activities, conduct multi-dimensional teaching and training, and create its own ip events.

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