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digital yuanmingyuan re exhibition to be held in shougang park

release time:2020-10-12 09:38:28

the “return - garden of gardens”- digital yuanmingyuan re exhibition, held by the re international center for digital creativity using modern scientific and technological means, will meet with the public every tuesday to sunday, from july 11 to november 30 at silo 4, in the north area of shougang park. at that time, you can appreciate the original historical appearance of the old summer palace which has been reconstructed from intricate historical clues from historical materials, map files, archaeological excavation sites, and old photos and etchings obtained through 20 years of research by tsinghua university. besides this, through digital technology, the old summer palace has been restored and more than 50 beautiful landscapes have been reproduced. this is the first time this achievement has been demonstrated in society.

designed and launched by qingcheng ruixian, a cultural heritage research interpretation and value-added operation brand owned by tsinghua university’s re international center for digital creativity, aims to stimulate the understanding of values and interpretation of traditional culture from a contemporary perspective using digital creativity. it builds a dialogue platform between history and the future, tradition and innovation, nation and world, traditional culture and the public. here, you will see more than 100 pieces of precious historical documents from the old summer palace from china, the united states, france, britain and other regions, including the design drawings, old photos, digital diasporic cultural relics and so on from the old summer palace, including the world’s most unique color bronze prints.

the exhibition hall has a special and rich space layout. the history of the old summer palace can be introduced to visitors through digital restoration technology. the existing height space in the silo is organically combined with the original 11.5-meter-high cutting cone at the bottom of the center. by using artificial intelligence equipment technology such as high picture quality and high definition, a picture full of dynamic and visual impact is presented to visitors and a new visual culture feast is created. after the visit, if you still don’t want to leave, the re international center for digital creativity has also prepared some games, painting, hand-made crafting and other entertainment, so that you can deepen your understanding of history and culture through entertainment.

as required by the current epidemic prevention and control situation in beijing, please make an appointment via the wechat mini program [ai shangshou park] before visiting the exhibition hall.

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