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mining company channels expanded to stabilize sales

release time:2020-08-04 08:56:28

in the face of the impact the epidemic is having on the external market, the mining company has taken multiple measures to expand sales channels, open social markets, serve the mainstream processes of steel, and achieve stable sales and increased orders whilst guaranteeing services.

in view of the current situation, in which the building materials production line needed to immediately resume production and sales, and there was great inventory pressure, the sales personnel of the mining company took combined measures to ensure that the three sales channels of railway transportation, automobile transportation and sea transportation were unblocked.

a "key customers" mechanism safeguarded the railway transportation channel. sales personnel made full use of this key customer cooperation mechanism, adopted batch preferential policies, maintained constant communication with customers in beijing, tianjin, cangzhou in hebei and shandong, and tapped into reserves to seize opportunities. at the same time, in order to solve customers’ storage problems, sales personnel took stock of the situation on the ground for customers, and suggested using forklift and hook machines to cooperate with the stacker dumping and thus maximize storage capacity, solving the customers’ problem. at present, the three regions of tianjin, cangzhou and shandong have achieved stable shipments of railway products, with an average daily shipment volume of more than four trains. in response to the fact that the number of transport vehicles declined significantly during the epidemic, the mining company actively contacted customers in the sales area, organized a reasonable solution using automobiles for delivery, and ensured an orderly arrangement of product sales. they also closely followed up with the shipping market, strengthened communication links with customers in shanghai, lianyungang and other regions, as well as the fleet, freight forwarding companies and the port, kept constant tabs on the situation at the terminal market, and paid attention to the information relating to epidemic policies, logistics and with other parties, so as to be ready to release shipments at the port at any time. in march, green building materials shipping was successfully launched, with the products being delivered to lianyungang, jiangsu province.

working both online and offline. since the outbreak of the epidemic, some orders could not be delivered due to the impact of logistics. "do everything possible to make up for the damage caused by the epidemic," decided li jingdong, party secretary and manager of the party branch of the strapping project department of the machinery factory of the mining company.

to increase delivery volume for other customers and make up for debts incurred, the production line was busier than ever. the functional personnel worked in teams or groups, the party members were on the front line, and team leader liu liyang took the lead in innovating and adjusting the packing process to save labor. since the outbreak of the epidemic, the strapping project department achieved an increase of customers' delivery orders, and met the needs of 8 customers including jisco.

offline "package mail" was delivered to customers on time, and online "cloud orders" and "cloud services" are gradually taking shape. the marketing team at soly company successfully signed the first project after the spring festival - yichun tantalum niobium mine gps project of jiangxi tungsten. the technical team are guided by the general principle of "you ask for help anytime, anywhere, and i will respond as soon as possible", provide pre-sales technical solutions and prepare technical bidding documents. at the same time, they also provide a remote after-sales service, develop and modify the software of each project under construction, and solve customer problems promptly.

a manufacturing order for 40.78t metal mechanism parts was sent: 86 sets of railings, 24 sets of large and small platforms, 25 sets of ladders and 68 sets of supports; the construction period was only 7 days. in the face of "the urgent order" from the customer, the sintering maintenance project department of the mining cooperation company made full use of the advantages of large-scale cooperative operations, selected staff from the technical backbone to form a temporary construction team, arranged the construction period in reverse, refined the working procedure and completed personnel connection. in order to improve efficiency and guarantee the completion of tasks within the construction period, the team used a second welding and flux cored wire throughout the process to reduce welding spatter, reduce the workload of grinding structural parts and improve welding quality. both ends of 395 ladders' pedals needed to be bent, so the team made a special mould for this purpose, and drew a positioning ruler and positioning line on the mould and workpiece ahead of time, shortening the production time and ensuring deadlines would be met.

in order to properly serve the mainstream processes of steel, high-quality maintenance services were also provided. the cooperation company contracted a 27-hour whole process maintenance of the 360-square-meter sintering system. in the face of 116 construction projects, it strengthened construction organization, balanced human resources, deepened operation coordination, and completed maintenance tasks in advance.

in the face of new opportunities and challenges, the mining company will take high-quality development as its goal, open the market with high-quality products and services, and strive to complete target tasks for the year. 

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