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many of shuicheng steel’s products granted special honor

release time:2020-07-24 15:00:51

a few days ago, our reporter learnt from shuicheng steelmanufacturing management department that shuicheng steel’s hot-rolled ribbed steel bars, mining anchor bolt steel, high-quality high-carbon steel hot-rolled wire rods and other products won the title of “qualified product of national stable quality inspection” for 2019, awarded by the china association for quality inspection. at the same time, shuicheng steel was also rated as one of “national top 100 excellent benchmarking enterprisefor quality and honesty” and “national integrity demonstration enterprise in product and service quality”.

shuicheng steel promotes the further improvement of its products and shapes its brand to enhance its strength. it keeps one eye firmly on the target of an excellent steel ratio, 8%, and moves in the direction of always becoming higher, more precise, excellent. it also continues to promote the implementation of a three-year action plan to improve shuicheng steel’s products, and strengthens the development of high-strength 82b, high-strength hard wire, high-strength anchor bolt, zinc-coated wire and other products. at the same time, it is also establishing product laboratory and carrying out other customer service activitiesshuicheng has also taken a number of steps to improve the brand competitiveness of its products. iproducts’ r&d and production, it keeps close to the market, balances production with demand, improves variety and technical reserves, and seizes the opportunity to build a product r&d center, to steadily improve the quality of steel varieties and increase their output.

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