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zhang weizhong from jingtang company won the title of "outstanding technician of hebei province"

release time:2020-06-30 09:49:12

in order to carry forward the craftsmanship spirit driving society forwards, and encourage the youth to take the road of developing their skills and using their skills to serve their country, the people's government of hebei province issued the “decision on commending the technicians with outstanding contribution in hebei province”, naming and commending 100 "technicians who have made outstanding contributions in hebei province", among which zhang weizhong, an employee of the hot rolling operation department of jingtang company of shougang, was listed.

jingtang company is committed to regarding talent resources as the primary resource of enterprise development and strongly advocates the concept of "talent promotes development, development brings up talent". jingtang also works to continually widen talent development channels, improve its talent training system, innovate training organization modes, implement first-line personnel training project in cooperation with the group’s talent development institute, holds vocational skill competitions at all levels, and promotes training and learning through competitions to facilitate the development of skilled personnel. at the same time, it also hones in on skilled operators’ weaknesses, and fully utilizes its training base, simulation system, vocational skills competitions and other platforms to carry out multi-post, multi-level skills competitions and practical rotation training, continuously improve the technical abilities of employees, and cultivate a large number of high skilled talents. zhang weizhong is one of them.

in 2007, zhang weizhong was transferred from tanggang to work in the hot rolling operation department of shougang jingtang company. in the face of the most advanced hot rolling production line in china, zhang weizhong was proactive in absorbing new knowledge and constantly studied new technology. with passion for his work and the tenacity to work hard, he gradually developed a real set of skills. when faced with the problem that the production of 1580 hot rolling roll shifting system was restricted by the accuracy, zhang weizhong volunteered to set up a technical research team for the roll shifting system of finishing mill and serve as its leader. he checked the data, headed over to the site, consulted with experts from the design institute, and discussed the transformation scheme again and again, even living and taking his meals at the plant. after more than one year of hard work, the functional accuracy of the roll shifting system of the finishing mill had been greatly improved, with an annual economic benefit of more than 6 million yuan. the operation method of the roll shifting system of the finishing mill won first prize for the best operation method at jingtang company, and the technological research project of the roll shifting system of the finishing mill won the bronze prize of the innovation competition of "baic cup". in order to further release the latent capacity of the hot rolling production line, zhang weizhong successfully broke through the bottleneck problem of automatic roll change in finishing rolling relying on innovation studio, without existing mature technology to learn from. at present, the average roll change time of two hot rolling production lines is down to within 12 minutes, and the fastest roll change time of 2250 mm hot rolling production line is as low as 9 minutes and 40 seconds, reaching the domestic advanced level. the “project of research othe optimal model for roll change and technological innovation in key links of jingtang hot rolling finishing mill” won the second prize of science and technology of shougang in 2018 and was also awarded a national invention patent.

in the past ten years, zhang weizhong led the innovation technology team to obtain 22 national patents successively, and the zhang weizhong innovation studio was also awarded the honorary titles of "shougang advanced collective with entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence-creating". he has also successively won the honors of "shougang level technical operation expert", "national senior technical expert in metallurgical construction industry", "capital citizen learning star", "technician granted a special allowance by the beijing municipal government", "shougang jingtang craftsman", "shougang craftsman" and so on, becoming a typical representative of the company's excellent high-tech talents.

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