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bwi fangshan factory expanded its market and obtained new orders

release time:2020-06-30 09:47:09

bwi fangshan factory made full use of the advantages of integration of production, marketing and research, vigorously promoted market development, and successfully obtained three new orders recently after a great deal of hard work.

this year, production and sales volumes in the automobile market have declined sharply because of the epidemic. in the face of this severe industry situation, bwi fangshan factory remained confidence, took the initiative and made progress. building on a lot of work which it had carried out in the early stage, it gained three new order projects of baoneng and saic gm, bucking the downward industry trend. of these, the baoneng automobile project is on extended-range new energy vehicles (nevs), and plan to go into mass production in 2021. one of saic gm’s projects is the main development platform of its next generation of pure electric vehicles, which will have three driving modes: front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. there are more than 20 new or modified models in planning, and mass produced is scheduled to begin in 2023. the last project is the cadillac compact luxury model which gm plans to launch and put into mass production in 2022.

these projects were all designed by the r&d team at the fangshan factory in china, with technical exchange, design finalization and simulation verification. at the same time, during the project development process, polish and american r&d personnel from bwi also provided a lot of support and help, reflecting the international nature of bwi as an enterprise, and the advantages that can bring.

thre three new order projects obtained by bwi fangshan factory are expected to require a total of more than 10 million shock absorbers. after the project is put into operation, the annual output of shock absorbers will reach 5.5-6 million per year, which will play a strong role in promoting the profitability and cash flow of fangshan factory.

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