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shougang park reopens to the public

release time:2020-05-18 08:52:46

shougang industrial park reopened on may 9, attracting 1,500 tourists to enjoy the unique industrial relics and natural landscape in the park.

during the epidemic, shougang park imposed lockdown measures. as the epidemic dwindled, shougang park implemented a real-name reservation policy for visiting from may 9. the park’s west and south gates that had been temporarily closed for more than three months reopened to welcome tourists from all sides. the news of the reopening of shougang park had attracted extensive attention. according to statistics, the number of reservations during the five days before the reopening reached 5,483 people and 1,547 vehicles.

the shougang park in may is in full bloom and shaded by trees with charming lake landscapes. the sky-high blast furnaces and drying towers in the distance form a magnificent and picturesque landscape along with the new shougang bridge and the yongding river stretching far away on the west. security personnel at the gate of the park check the information of tourists and measured their body temperature with the bar-code scanning devices one by one, while tourists lined up one meter away from each other to enter the park. also reopened were food stands and souvenir shops in the park. moreover, tourists were welcomed by shougang employees who volunteered to provide information and guidance services.

visitors explored the park in groups, some walking on the pathways, some taking pictures. ms. hao, a nearby resident, told the reporter, “when i was told that shougang park was open today, we made a reservation online at once. we take our children here to relax. the shougang park has changed a lot and is pleasing to the eye.”

"early in the morning today, we came here with our kids to feel the new environment. this is our first time here. there is clear water, green plants on both sides of the walkway, and elements combining industry with nature here. it’s really eye-opening,” said ms. cai, a citizen who was taking a walk in the park with her kids and parents. wang yujuan, a young volunteer from shougang construction investment company said, "our voluntary services focus on senior citizens who are illiterate mobile phone users to make reservations and the retired shougang employees who have no time to make appointments. we help them make appointments and guide them to enter the park, and also provide consulting services and stop inappropriate behaviors, etc. we young volunteers will carry forward the spirit of shougang and do our best to serve the tourists."

in order to reopen the north district of shougang park in an orderly manner, the shougang construction investment company, park service company, park management department, etc. formulated, after carrying out multiple studies, the "plan of orderly restoration and opening management of the north district of shougang park." the plan clarifies the flow control and the parking management, increased volunteer guidance services and food and souvenir sales points to ensure a safe and orderly experience for tourists.

reservations for visitors and vehicles can be made up to 5 days in advance. drivers should park their cars in xiuchi underground parking lot and shougang grand jump parking lot and pay the parking fee with wechat mini program. open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., the park prohibited pets and motorcycles from entry.

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