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peking university shougang hospital honors outstanding nurses

release time:2020-05-18 08:51:53

recently, on the occasion of the 109th international nurses day on may 12th, peking university shougang hospital held a ceremony to commemorate the 200th anniversary of nightingale's birthday and the international nurses day. the hospital honored and awarded certificates to outstanding nursing teams and nurses for their excellent performance in medical care work in 2019 and the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

in 2019, the nursing staff of peking university shougang hospital committed to the concept of “providing life-cycle health care service” to meet the medical reform and hospital development requirements. they continued to strive for providing more attentive and professional nursing services to meet the nursing requirements, successfully completing various nursing tasks; in particular, the hospital was the first to launch "internet nursing" home service in beijing, which proves beneficial to most residents in west beijing; the tranquility nursing care unit is one of the first teaching bases for specialist nurses of the chinese nursing association, filling the gap in specialist nurse teaching in peking university shougang hospital. in the fight against the epidemic in 2020, the nurses charged forward and took up various positions in shijingshan district and peking university shougang hospital, making significant contribution to the epidemic prevention. their commitment to delivering high-quality professional nursing services has been a key driving factor of the development of peking university shougang hospital, which produced a large number of excellent nurses in the process.

at the awarding ceremony, outstanding nurse representatives made speeches expressing their gratitude for the hospital’s recognition and determination to assume more responsibilities and improve the medical work of the hospital.

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