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zhixin electromagnetic company’s electrical steel production and sales broke new record

release time:2020-04-16 16:18:40

in 2019, according to the general requirements of shougang co., ltd., zhixin electromagnetic company has adhered to the high-end fine-quality strategy, overcome the severe market factors in iron, steel, rolling and other pre-processes, constantly improved the consistent quality management system, carried out a series of breakthroughs, and ensured that the smelting and rolling of key varieties of electrical steel always keeping pace with zhixin electromagnetic company, providing stable and high-quality raw material supply, and coordinated guarantee for continuous optimization and upgrading of product structure and market dividend.

seeking to strengthen lean manufacturing level and improve production line operation efficiency, zhixin electromagnetic company led the introduction of jiet lean management, focused on business pull and launching the “100-amoeba plan”. each year 75 new amoebas are built, which initially constructs a relatively complete amoeba management system. it made full use of lean management tools and continued to carry out daily improvement and project tackling. the lean management concept was gradually internalized by the front-line workers and all workers have significantly improved self-management awareness.

optimizing unit overhaul model and releasing production time dividend, “with market as the orientation, customers as the center, and economic benefits as the core”, zhixin electromagnetic company closely followed market changes to carry out various forms of maintenance optimization to improve the maintenance level of equipment, and at the same time reduce maintenance time to its best to assure production. pl-tcm unit optimized example repair model and based on unit production plan, used roll changing time to organize equipment strengthening. the maintenance unit took the initiative to do more by giving up lunch break time to increase single overhaul intensity, reducing the maintenance schedule by 10 hours every month, following the standard for advanced companies in the continuous annealing unit, analyzing the constraints and solving the bottleneck problem to their best knowledge. the maintenance cycle was extended by more than 80%, which did not only reduce the maintenance cost but also save a lot of maintenance time. all participants overcame the difficulties of tight deadline, small number of personnel and heavy task, and made every effort to ensure that the timeline was met, the quality and precision were fulfilled, the target task was achieved, completing the medium maintenance task in a high standard, which has laid a solid foundation for the year to achieve efficiency and complete the task of production and operation.

seizing market change opportunities to ensure value-added products and services, zhixin electromagnetic company insisted on taking economic benefit and management effect as the center, made dynamic adjustment according to the market situation, enhanced the market strain ability, increases the order volume of key customers in oriented products, expanded the wide specification channel, optimized the ultra-thin specification channel, increased the sales volume, and made greater efforts on the key project tracking promotion. it did a good job of resource allocation for non-oriented products, increased the order quantity of small and medium-sized customers, reduced the unsettled inventory, increased the settlement quantity, vigorously developed new customers with high brand number, increased the proportion of profitable product orders, and enhanced the profitability.

insisting on positive incentives, encouraging innovation and formulating a reward mechanism for reducing costs and increasing efficiency at the two levels of zhixin company and operation zone to arouse the enthusiasm of first-line workers to innovate and create results was what zhixin did, with 295 projects carried out to reduce costs and increase efficiency, which has seen an increase of 216 items over the previous year’s budget, i.e. as high as 288%.

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