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shougang employee di guobiao won “beijing youth role model and epochal model”

release time:2020-04-16 16:15:48

recently, sponsored by the beijing communist party committee, the “youth heart to the new era of party-building”—propaganda on the spirit of the fourth plenary session of the 19th communist party central committee and the 2019 beijing youth role model release event was held in beijing, and the 2019 “beijing youth role model and epochal model” of the year were officially announced. as an active practitioner in building beijing science and technology innovation center, di guobiao, chief engineer of shougang institute of technology, won the “beijing youth role model” in the “category” of “experts in scientific and technological innovation” after selections. 

since di guobiao started working in the institute of technology in 2010, he has always led the scientific research team with a pragmatism, diligence, and dedication to strive in the front line of scientific research. with strong professionalism and responsibility, he has long been committed to high-end marine engineering steel and bridge steel research at the ordinary challenging science and technology post. the steel plates he developed were used in more than 140 large projects at home and abroad, such as “blue whale one”, an important domestic project. di has undertaken 4 projects at or above the provincial or ministerial level, such as the national 863 program, and has won the first and third prizes of science and technology in beijing, second place in metallurgical science and technology, third place in excellent scientific and technological papers of young people in beijing and other prizes. he has published 21 papers, 8 sci/ei papers, applied for 23 invention patents, and participated in the preparation of 6 national standards. his conscientious and hard-working attitude has brought him to write on a science and technology worker’s unremitting pursuit of science and technology and loyal dedication to the enterprise.

according to reports, 200 people were selected, 60 people were nominated, and 30 people with outstanding impact and strong appeal rooted in the grassroots were finally identified as “beijing youth role model” in the selection campaign through online voting, expert review, and other means. the 30 youth role models are from the grass-roots first line from all walks of life in various cities, who are a divided into a total of six categories, “most hardworking youth”, “expert in scientific innovation”, “voluntary pioneer”, “star of culture”, “good netizens youth,” and “junior sports star.”

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