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the west ten winter olympic square project of shougang park is leed platinum certified

release time:2020-01-21 10:03:46

recently, the office building of n3-3 transfer station, the west ten winter olympic square project of shougang park, obtained the first international leed-ci (leadership in energy and environmental design-commercial interior) platinum certification in shijingshan district, and the conference center of the united pump station also obtained leed-cs (leed core and shell) gold certification.

leed certification is the most recognized green building evaluation standard in the world. it is currently considered to be the most comprehensive and influential rating standard among all kinds of building environmental protection evaluation, green building evaluation, and building sustainability evaluation standards in the world. platinum certification is the highest level of leed certification, known as the “oscar” of green building industry, with only 5% leed platinum certified projects worldwide. leed green building certification has gradually become a necessary index for office location selection of world top 500, multinational enterprises and domestic and foreign industry leaders.

the star rating evaluation standard of green building is an official green building evaluation and certification system issued by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development. the west ten winter olympic square project is certified by both systems, ensuring that it meets the national standard, as well as recognized by international organizations.

the west ten winter olympic square project adopts green building technology from “sustainable site,” “water saving,” “energy and air,” “materials and resources,” “indoor environment quality,” and other aspects, practically implementing various indicators of leed through its construction, and having successfully obtained leed certification through the reasonable use of renewable energy, energy-, water-, material-saving, and improving indoor environment quality and other green building technologies, in line with the concept of “green, open, shared, and integrity.” it is a concrete practice of implementing the concept of sustainable development within the office area of the winter olympic organizing committee, laying a foundation for expediting low-carbon office and making the office area of the winter olympic games both an important platform and a window to showcase the achievements of ecological civilization construction.

following the ecological construction of shougang old industrial zone, the overall goal of building a new era of capital city revival and landmark will become the next focus, that is to demonstrate to the international community that shougang has the capacity and ability to move towards comprehensive ecological transformation and development of socio-economic environment in the post-industrial era, providing high-quality service guarantee for the preparation of the winter olympics with high-level developments and constructions, to become an international model, to set a world class benchmark, and to make shougang park a living example of how the olympic games is able to promote urban development and revival of the old industrial park.

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