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shougang ski jumping platform official handover for use

release time:2019-12-17 13:58:03

on november 27, the shougang ski jumping platform was officially handed over.

as the first new venue for the beijing winter olympic games, the shougang ski jumping platform is about to usher in the first event inspection—the 2019 first free ski and snowboard world cup championship. in order to ensure that the event is held as planned, the shougang construction investment company and equity investment company coordinated to organize the participating units to take time, working day and night, and striving to construct the venues in a high-standard, high-quality and efficient way, so as to make every effort to ensure that the ski jumping platform meets the requirements.

shougang ski jumping platform project consists of three parts, namely the track, referee tower, and stand area. on november 25, the reporter saw at the site of the shougang ski jumping platform that the platform body, referee tower, and stand area had been completed. the big platform was officially powered, and the body elevators had completed the commissioning work, and the competition lighting fixtures had been installed.

shougang ski jumping platform is the first competition venue of its kind to be permanently reserved and used in the history of the winter olympics. its design and construction are without precedent. faced with a huge test, shougang construction investment company observed and learned from various events, repeatedly communicated and demonstrated with ioc, organizing committee of the winter olympic games and competent municipal government departments, and cooperated closely with the design and construction units to overcome the difficulties encountered during the design and construction process. it only took more than 300 days to finally turn the drawing into physical objects, turn design concept to reality, which not only meets the needs of competition, but also takes into account factors such as space, function, structure and safety, becoming a representative landscape of perfect integration of beijing's urban old industrial site culture and olympic culture.

the 2019 first free ski and snowboard world cup is high-level and demanding. in order to meet the needs of competition, shougang construction investment company and project-related professional management personnel had to sort out the requirements of the event standard, and determined the five major components of the delivery plan, including delivery of venue and single package, site formation, functional room, energy security, and road traffic auxiliary facilities. and it demands professional inverted construction plan by taking november 27 as the end node, accurately details daily engineering construction tasks, decomposes the task into several small targets and adopts the divide-and-conquer method to finally realize two over goals of “having conditions to host world-cup competition in the middle of december 2019” and “having conditions for the 2022 olympic winter games.” during the project completion and acceptance process, shougang construction investment company based on the "guiding opinions on inspection and acceptance work of venues and supporting infrastructure for beijing winter olympics and winter paralympic games in 2022", actively communicated with relevant government authorities, organized design and supervision and construction units and other parties to resolve problems encountered in the sub-item and branch acceptance process. under the supervision of relevant urban regulatory departments, shougang ski jumping platform and the eight units in the northern area of the oxygen plant were successfully completed and accepted, which ensures the on-time delivery of the venue.

shougang ski jumping platform has stood tall and majestic. the unique industrial landscape is displayed in front of people. from a distance, under the interplay of stone landscapes, qunming lake, and four cooling towers, the big platform resembles a "flying" streamer. the shape of the building is very beautiful and smooth, making people appreciate the "flying" beauty of the big jump platform and the visual enjoyment of architectural art of leap in the air.

on november 26, the reporter learned from first free ski and snowboard world cup press conference that the current event will be held at shougang ski jumping platform from december 12 to 14. during the event, shougang park will also hold a light show and live concert to create an audiovisual feast for the audience. the snow pavement of shougang ski jumping platform’s track will begin in the evening of december 1 and will be completed on december 9. in addition, the trail registration of participating athletes from various countries and regions has been completed. athletes’ pre-match training will last from december 10 to 11, and qualifiers for snowboarding and freestyle skiing will be held on december 12 and 13, the finals on december 14.

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