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planning post-winter olympics articles and creating new landmarks of urban revival in “facing the future together”

release time:2022-05-27 13:25:12

on the morning of march 19th, cai qi, secretary of the municipal party committee, made an investigation in the new shougang region. he emphasized that new shougang was born from the summer olympic games and prospered because of the winter olympic games. century-old shougang seized the opportunity of the olympic games to achieve a beautiful transformation, and the new era gave it a new mission. new shougang has never been so full of vitality, confidence and passion as it is today. it is necessary to plan post-winter olympics articles, organize the implementation of the west beijing action plan with new shougang at its core, accelerate the group’s rebirth, create a dynamic space and hotspot for development which faces the future, young generations and internationalization, become a new landmark of urban rejuvenation in “facing the future together” and present a new image and new achievements in beijing’s development in the new era.

it is sunny after the snow. new shougang is even more charming, and big air shougang is like a floating ribbon, telling stories of the wonderful winter olympic games. after learning in detail about the utilization of big air shougang and its surrounding plots, cai qi pointed out that big air shougang surprised the world during the winter olympic games and became a new landmark by virtue of being the perfect combination of shougang’s industrial heritage and the olympics. it is necessary to plan its follow-up utilization, actively introduce international ice and snow events, open it to the public and tell new shougang’s stories in a compelling manner. the shougang jin’an bridge integration project takes science and technology as the core, and relies on industrial relics in shougang park to create a science fiction industry cluster. cai qi inspected the planning and construction of the park, visited the settled projects to understand their current operation situations, and emphasized that the gathering of elements should be accelerated, the immersive and interactive experience should be enhanced, and activities should be held every week to gather popularity and increase the visitor flow rate, thereby creating a “place for online celebrities to punch cards”.

during the discussion, cai qi pointed out that since the implementation of new shougang’s three-year action plan, a number of industrial heritage sites have taken on wonderful new appearances after their transformation, a large-scale ecological pattern has taken initial shape, and blockbuster activities such as clothing trade fairs have been successfully held. especially during the winter olympic games, the unique landscape and environment fully demonstrated the concept of the green olympic games and the achievements of urban renewal. it is necessary to further promote the implementation of the plan. industrial heritage is the charm, so it is necessary to protect them to the utmost and do a good job in renewing old factories. it is also necessary to strictly control the floor area ratio and development intensity, and create strategic blank space. the northern district takes into account new functional requirements such as the international talent community and rail transit micro-center, and optimizes the land use and functional layout. the southern district plans to take action to deepen the overall urban design and strengthen the control of the architectural shape, color and landscape gallery. it is necessary to strengthen the characteristics of the mountain-water-industrial landscape and accentuate the beautiful skyline of xi mountain. the southeastern district is paying special attention to the construction of supporting facilities to promote the balance between work and residence.

cai qi stressed that it is necessary to further explore the “shougang model” in the renewal of old industrial areas; adhere to open cooperation, choose a professional, market-oriented and international operation and development mode, improve urban functions and transform “factory area” and “park” into “community” and “block”; strengthen internal and external connection, unblock microcirculation in the region and improve the connection level of facilities and urban governance; promote digital and intelligent governance, and build a 5g demonstration park; improve supporting commercial facilities such as parking, catering and shopping; actively introduce new commercial activities and models, and build an important node of an international consumption center city; prepare and implement the reuse plan for winter olympic games heritage sites, make use of the brand effect of the winter olympic games, actively cultivate “sports ” and integrate with science and technology, culture, media and so on; adhere to digital empowerment and actively develop applications in artificial intelligence, cloud rebroadcasting, autonomous driving, metaverse and other scenarios; build a science fiction industry cluster and shougang wenchuang park; and support characteristic activities such as “first store”, “first launch” and “first show”.

cai qi stressed that it is necessary to lead the transformation and development of west beijing; continuously promote the ecological restoration and treatment of yongding river, and accelerate the connection between the shougang water system and yongding river basin; coordinate the industrial layout in west beijing and introduce a number of landmark projects with strong driving force; strengthen the brand of cultural tourism in west beijing and hold the yongding river cultural festival smoothly; and promote the transformation and utilization of the “eight major factories in west beijing” and “four mines in one line” to create integrated cultural tourism products.

cai qi put forward requirements that the leading group of the new shougang should strengthen the overall planning; the new shougang office should do a good job in coordination and supervision; the relevant city departments should strengthen the integration of policy innovation and increase support; “three districts and one factory” should fulfill their entity responsibilities and jointly manage the planning and construction of the new shougang region; and the shougang group should strengthen the guidance of party building, further promote transformation and development, and move towards becoming a world-class enterprise.

the investigation and survey were attended by city leaders cui shuqiang, zhang jiaming, zhang jiandong, sui zhenjiang, jin wei and tan xuxiang.

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