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at summary and commendation conference for beijing 2022 winter olympic and paralympic games organizing committee commends two shougang collectives an

release time:2022-05-19 13:22:00

on the morning of april 19th, the summary and commendation conference for the beijing 2022 winter olympic and paralympic games was convened at shougang cultural museum. the shougang group’s city volunteer service team for the winter olympic games and peking university shougang hospital were each named “advanced collective”, and fu zhilian, liu yuchuan, luo gang and zhao xinwen were each named “advanced individual”.

as the official urban renewal service partner of the beijing 2022 winter olympic and paralympic games, shougang regarded providing services to guarantee the winter olympic games according to the decision-making and deployment requirements of the municipal party committee and government as a glorious and important political task of the whole group, gathered its resources, coordinated the professional strength of all relevant units and successfully completed all tasks with a high sense of responsibility, mission and urgency. the shougang group’s city volunteer service team for the winter olympic games, which was named “advanced collective” this time, consisted of nearly 200 young volunteers from 20 shougang units. they provided various volunteer services such as information consultation and civilized guidance at core urban volunteer service stations such as the headquarters of the organizing committee for the 2022 winter olympic and paralympic games, big air shougang and designated hospitals for the games. the team worked for 66 days (including 35 holidays and festivals), contributed volunteer services amounting to nearly 3,000 hours, and carried out more than 50 winter olympics-themed activities such as curling experience, making it the first urban volunteer team to start work and the last team to finish.

as the designated hospital for the beijing 2022 winter olympic and paralympic games, peking university shougang hospital attached great importance to the games, made plans well in advance and started to provide medical security for the organizing committee headquarters in 2019. during the beijing 2022 winter olympic and paralympic games, the hospital undertook medical security for big air shougang, organizing committee headquarters and olympic-related hotels and concentrated residences in shijingshan district. it received a total of 133 patients, including 24 ordinary patients in a closed loop and four inpatients, and provided two operations for patients involved in the games. a total of 317 patients were received and 1,264 official nucleic acid detections were provided by the medical teams at the headquarters venues, and all medical and epidemic prevention support tasks were completed in full.

fu zhilian was the head of ticket checking in the event services business department of big air shougang. starting in 2019, she was responsible for the shougang institute of technology’s volunteer work for the winter olympic games. for more than three years, she made efforts in recruitment, selection, training, activity organization and publicity, effectively ensuring the advancement, professionalism and cohesion of the institute’s winter olympic games volunteer team. after being formally hired as a volunteer, fu zhilian stuck to the front line with a high sense of responsibility and mission. during her tenure as the head of ticket checking, she led her fellow volunteers to provide traffic guidance, security check assistance, ticket checking and other related work for spectators while entering the venue and watching the competitions, thereby helping people to enter the venue in a swift, proper and orderly manner, for which she was rated as an “excellent volunteer” by the event services business department.

liu yuchuan was the venue and infrastructure manager of the 2022 winter olympic and paralympic games organizing committee’s big air shougang venue operation team and secretary of the fourth temporary party branch. he led his team to successfully complete the construction of 9,400 m2 of temporary housing, 8,000 m of temporary fencing and 50 km of strong and weak current cables at big air shougang, and then to demolish and restore the site in a timely and orderly manner after the competition. he and his team undertook early small closed-loop management, facility coordination, waste removal, mountainous region operation and so on, successfully ensuring track testing and cooperating with foreign staff who arrived in china ahead of time on such work as obs, timing and scoring, commentators’ equipment and so on. the service guarantee work was well received by all parties.

as the infrastructure manager of the beijing technology operation center, luo gang was responsible for the construction of temporary facilities, venue equipment, energy operation guarantee and so on during the games, as well as the demolition of temporary facilities and restoration of venues after the games. he took the lead in organizing security, power, logistics, technology and other business fields, achieved coordination in joint equipment inspection, commissioning cooperation, peripheral management, power guarantee, site services and other aspects, and successfully completed power cutting and modification, standby power commissioning, effective control of venue surroundings and other work. he organized supporting personnel to conduct comprehensive all-weather inspection patrols and emergency drills in various professional fields such as electric power, water supply and drainage, air conditioning, elevators, fire safety, etc., so as to expose and rectify any flaws in the operation process. he cooperated with other business departments to complete more than 20 jobs such as power distribution, water distribution and network distribution, gaining high recognition from his cooperators.

zhao xinwen organized the establishment of a special supervision department for guaranteeing the construction and operation of big air shougang and the main operation center of the beijing winter olympic games, studied and formulated the work plan for the special supervision of the big air project, and formed a community of responsibility for the service guarantee of the winter olympic games. he carried out all supervision work in a down-to-earth manner and ensured that supervision was integrated into the whole engineering construction and service guarantee processes. he organized supervision and inspections more than 80 times, and reported his work to the supervision office of the winter olympic games more than 40 times. he strengthened the implementation of responsibility, prevented and controlled clean governance risks, investigated 61 clean governance risk points and formulated 203 prevention and control measures, ensuring that the clean hosting of the olympic games and the requirements of spirit of the central government’s eight regulations were implemented at the front line of the service guarantee for the winter olympic games.

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