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general secretary xi jinping comments on big air shougang.

release time:2022-03-28 10:07:30

on march 6th, 2022, general secretary xi jinping gave a speech at the joint meeting of the committee of the agricultural community, social welfare and social security community of the fifth session of the 13th cppcc national committee, in which he said, “the beijing winter olympics were very awesome, and there were many aspects that will go down in history. the ‘dual olympic city’ is unique. some people believed that big air shougang was for skiing at a nuclear power plant. the just didn’t understand that this is a green transformation. we’re transforming the steel industry into the sports industry.” big air shougang is a microcosm of shougang’s green transformation. shougang people have always kept in mind the ardent expectations of general secretary xi jinping, firmly grasped the historic opportunity of the winter olympics, promoted the “four aspects of rejuvenation” as a whole, and made great efforts to create a new landmark of the revitalization of the capital city in the new era. shougang park, with big air shougang as one of its main landmarks, has become an important symbol of the deep urban transformation of beijing.

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