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shougang’s high-quality service guarantee for the winter olympics receives widespread praise.

release time:2022-02-25 10:05:40

on february 21st, 2022, the winter sports management center of the state general administration of sports, security department of the beijing winter olympics organizing committee, china flower skating association and national short track speed skating, figure skating and curling teams sent thank you letters respectively, praising shougang for offering comprehensive and high-quality services to the national team in training, accommodation, catering, epidemic prevention and security. international olympic committee (ioc) president thomas bach wrote, “thank you to the shougang team for its support for the beijing 2022 winter olympics” when watching the competition at big air shougang. ni huizhong, secretary general of the chinese sports delegation of the beijing winter olympics, director of the winter sports management center of the state general administration of sports and secretary of the party committee, sent a message to shougang that read, “by pioneering on ice and creating miracles on snow, winter sports will strengthen our country and lead it to a brighter future!” the beijing municipal people’s government information office praised the high-quality services of shougang people by writing in its beijing publication, “to exercise hospitality toward visitors, they adopted ‘golden’ services to guarantee the competition area of ‘big air shougang’”.

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