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on july 31st, 2014, beijing and hebei signed the framework agreement for jointly building the caofeidian collaborative development demonstration area. as clarified in the agreement, caofeidian should be built as an undertaker of the capital’s strategic functions and demonstrator of collaborative development, with a focus on decentralizing the non-capital functions of beijing, promoting partnering and collaboration on industrial transfer, and enhancing the joint development and sharing of public service resources. ‘the shougang group and interested parties should jointly establish a beijing (caofeidian) modern industry development pilot area development & investment company and an eco-city development & investment company to plan and coordinate the development and construction as a whole.’

    beijing-hebei-caofeidian collaborative development demonstration area development & investment co., ltd. was incorporated upon organization, arrangement and coordination by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commissions of beijing and hebei, and registered in caofeidian district, tangshan, hebei, on january 29th, 2015. as the developer and constructor of the demonstration area designated by beijing and hebei, the company undertook the investment, development, construction, operation and management of the demonstration area.

    on august 20th, 2015, the company signed the framework agreement for jointly developing the caofeidian initiation area and pilot area and the supplementary agreement to clarify the cooperative development modes with priority given to ppp. this symbolized that the demonstration area had entered the stage of implementation from the stage of top-down design and taken a real ‘pilot’ step, and reflected the parties’ common aspirations for pragmatic cooperation and positive prospects.

    on december 18th, 2015, the company took the lead in entering the no. 1 building of the environment-friendly substation to carry out office work. as the first company to settle in the initiation area, it played a demonstrative and guiding role.

    a 4.6 km2 industry-city fusion initiation area will be established in tangshan bay eco-city so as to provide living facilities and public services for industrial transfer and the decentralizing of public resources. so far, the tasks of general concept planning and functional layout have been completed. this area will be developed in accordance with the requirements for supporting industrial transfer in the process of industry-city fusion, under the principle ‘general planning, zone-by-zone development, step-by-step development and cooperative development’.

    given the sharp increase in educational requirements in tangshan bay eco-city, the company has launched a project to build 220,000m2 of residential housing and public supporting facilities (phase 1) to support industry-city fusion in accordance with the sequence of collaborative development, industrial transfer and population agglomeration. residential housing that features very low energy consumption, green technologies and intelligent technologies will be introduced to meet demands and have demonstrative and guiding effects. the concept design and site selection have been completed for such public supporting facilities as the business center and kindergarten, the construction of which will commence next year.

    as regards investment promotion for the demonstration area, the company has actively established collaborative work mechanisms with the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, development and reform commission and economy and information technology commission of beijing, the collaborative development promotion office and investment promotion bureau of caofeidian, and the management committee of the sino-japanese eco-industry park, so as to comprehensively and deeply promote industrial transfer and the decentralizing of public service resources from beijing.

    the company plans to sign investment promotion contracts amounting to rmb 15 billion in 2016 by seizing the favorable opportunities arising from beijing-tianjin-hebei collaborative development. it is expected that contracts reaching rmb 17.78 billion will be signed for 8 projects in the initiation area in 2016, exceeding the planned amount by 19%. the total investment of the 7 projects that have been commenced is about rmb 13.6 billion. at present, negotiations are underway for 5 projects to be implemented in the initiation area, with a total investment amount of about rmb 3.2 billion.

    in addition to actively guiding industrial transfer from beijing, the company is rapidly carrying forward cooperation in public services, medical treatment and education. the cardiovascular disease center jointly established by the beijing anzhen hospital and caofeidian district hospital, namely the beijing anzhen hospital-caofeidian cooperative hospital and cardiovascular disease interventional diagnosis and treatment center, was formally inaugurated to receive patients on july 26th, 2016. in the same month, the cooperative hospital jointly established by the beijing friendship hospital and caofeidian workers’ hospital, namely the beijing friendship hospital-caofeidian cooperative hospital, was formally inaugurated and is expected to be ready to receive patients at the beginning of 2017. the cooperation agreement for the beijing obstetrics and gynecology hospital-caofeidian cooperative hospital, jointly established by the beijing obstetrics and gynecology hospital and caofeidian district hospital, was signed on september 28th, 2016.

    beijing jingshan school (caofeidian) is a full-time public boarding-day school run for 12-year education (from primary school to high school) on the basis of the competitive educational resources of beijing jingshan school. with 60 classes and a capacity to accommodate 3,000 teachers and students, the school opened in september 2016.

the gathering of high-quality public resources (e.g. schools, hospitals) supports the industrial transfer from beijing in the aspect of education and medical care.

beijing-hebei caofeidian collaborative development demonstration zone construction investment co., l


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