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        beijing shougang sports culture co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as shougang sports) was established on january 11, 2008. it is a second-level subsidiary company directly under the control of shougang group, whose business involves basketball, table tennis, ice hockey, baseball, softball and other items. it has three clubs: beijing shougang basketball club, beijing shougang table tennis club, beijing shougang ice hockey club, and two teams: shougang golden eagle women’s softball and shougang golden eagle men’s baseball. the company owns the commercial development rights and interests of china national baseball/softball team, china baseball league and china softball league, and is preparing to set up a company of china baseball and softball league.

today, with the booming development of china’s sports industry, shougang sports has always practiced the slogan of “let beijing become the best sports city” with practical actions, adhering to the new sports concept of “professionalization, marketization and internationalization” to build its clubs and ip events, making use of high-end sports resources such as nba, mlb, wnhl and other internationalized sports, and prompting the rapid development of shougang sports through the comprehensive power of “walking out, inviting in”.

beijing shougang basketball club is the largest basketball club in. shougang men’s basketball team, subordinate to beijing shougang basketball club, formerly known as beijing men’s basketball team, was founded in the 1950s. in the four seasons from 2011 to 2015, shougang men’s basketball team won three cba titles in four years and established its own empire in the chinese basketball arena. in the past two seasons, shougang men’s basketball team has been in the reconstruction period, dedicating wonderful matches to beijing fans with a brand-new look. shougang women’s basketball team won four wcba titles in 2011-2012, 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018, and is a strong team in the wcba league.

beijing shougang table tennis club was established in 2014. its women’s table tennis team won the women’s team championship of china table tennis club super league in 2015. at present, shougang women’s table tennis team is headed by guo yan, a former national player, and ding ning, a slam winner, as the captain.

shougang basketball center of shougang sports, which operates independently, is the base of beijing shougang basketball. as the training venue of shougang sports team, shougang hosts cba, wcba and table tennis super league matches at shougang home stadium. it also serves the sports facilities such as national fitness and sports training. in 2016, shougang sports building adjacent to shougang basketball  center was officially completed. shougang sports building is the first comprehensive commercial service office building in beijing with sports industry as its management theme. it is located in the core area of shougang basketball center of the west five rings sports industry alliance in shijingshan district, beijing, and is a new landmark of sports in the west of beijing city. with the help of the concept of "winter olympics sports corridor", the building aims at upstream and downstream enterprises of sports industry with its unique management concept, providing flexible office, business communication space and high-end business services. at present, cba, world expo, china baseball association, china softball association, and suning shop have been stationed.

in 2017, shougang sports established the "shougang basketball eagle program" by combining overseas sports and education. through the national auditions and training camp selection, it selected excellent basketball candidates and sent them to thefor international basketball talent training. in 2018, shougang sports cooperated with beijing sport university, and the "shougang basketball eagle program" was upgraded to the "national basketball eagle program" in an all-round way, providing a number of growth channels and exploring a new path for the training of reserve basketball talents in.

in 2018, shougang sports started to build its membership system, gathering online and offline interaction, gradually enriching and improving its membership services, and giving better service and better experience to fans.

to meet the winter olympics and look forward to the future with the basketball as the foundation, shougang sports works hard on a wider range of sports, and strives to build a sports ecological chain. the products cover high-end resources in domestic and international sports markets, upstream competitive sports products, and service products benefiting fans. it will be brave to assume social responsibility and strive to make sports a better life for more people and make beijing a better sports city.


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