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beijing shougang equity investment management co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as shougang equity investment company) was established in 2016. headquartered in beijing, it is a wholly-owned secondary subsidiary of shougang group. according to the authorization of the group, 39 units under the group shall be classified and managed according to wholly-owned enterprises, holding enterprises, restructured enterprises, joint venture and equity-holding enterprises, financial and listed enterprises, etc.

the main responsibilities of the company: implement the strategic intention of shougang group, take charge of the operation and supervision of various units, analyze and judge the direction of advance and retreat of the state-owned capital, and ensure the return on investment and the preservation and appreciation of state-owned capital. coordinate the internal resources of shougang equity investment company, establish a cooperative development mechanism, and do a good job in supporting and sustaining the development strategy of shougang group. according to the national industrial development policy and industry development prospects, it explores potential business and promotes its implementation and development, continues to produce better products and make itself strong and big, and supports the overall development goals of shougang group.

the strategic positioning of the company: as a state-owned capital investment and operation company, it plays the role of core business and new industry cultivation of the non-steel industry of shougang, and builds the market competitiveness of shougang’s non-steel business through investment and operation optimization. with equity operation as the basic measures, it focuses on core industries and strategic emerging industries, and optimizes the industrial and business layout.

the company’s development goal: build a comprehensive city service provider with core competitiveness and a non-steel industrial group with international influence.

the business of shougang equity investment company and its enterprises covers 18 industries in 7 categories, such as general engineering contracting, construction, information and automation, machinery manufacturing, functional materials and robotics manufacturing. shougang equity investment company and its enterprises have served the main steel industry and external social market of shougang group for many years, and have accumulated abundant strength and experience in their respective fields. in recent years, guided by the national industrial policy and shougang group’s development strategy of “balanced expansion”, shougang equity investment company has scientifically integrated enterprise resources. firstly, it actively promotes the upgrading of traditional industries around the renovation and transformation of the group’s iron and steel industry and the old industrial zones. secondly, it conforms to china’s urban development trend, deepens the structural reform on the supply side, and plans and arranges in the field of urban comprehensive services industry. with the goal of “becoming a well-known domestic iron and steel service provider and urban comprehensive service provider”, it adheres to the combination of technology guidance, production and finance, and provides integrated services of the whole industry chain, initially forming eight major business sectors in the two major fields of iron and steel integrated service and urban integrated service, namely engineering construction and production service, energy saving and environmental protection, new material manufacturing, construction industry, municipal engineering, static transportation, intelligent city and property service.

since 2018, shougang equity investment company has insisted on project leadership in the field of urban comprehensive services, nurtured industrial momentum, and continuously strengthened its development potential.

combining its own characteristics, static transportation industry clearly focuses on three-dimensional bus parking, takes the transformation of beijing bus stations as the origin of force, and increases the industrial development direction of technology research and development. qinhuangdao assembly and test base was completed, the main construction of ertong bus station was completed, and equipment debugging is under way; shougang chengyun, shougang automation information technology, and shougang machinery & electric cooperate to establish a bicycle-sharing industry training team, innovative products have been initially recognized by the market, and the xiongan intelligent bicycle bar is put into operation.

the construction and market cultivation of the assembly housing industry base have been steadily promoted, and the rudiment of industry has initially emerged. shougang construction becomes one of the first national assembly construction industry bases. the 300,000-cubic-meter building parts preparation production line makes up for the short slab of assembly steel structure residential industry chain, and the whole industry chain of the steel structure assembly building, including r&d, design, construction, and parts supply is basically completed; the southern district project of ertong security housing completely uses the steel structure framework system, being the first try all over the country. the technical system of assembled building is further improved, and the effect of project demonstration is emerging.

the market competitiveness of seawater desalination has been gradually improved. with the “seawater desalination and water treatment engineering research center” as the carrier, the international engineering has made good achievements in tackling key problems of comprehensive utilization of seawater. the first phase of seawater desalination in shougang hierro peru it builds has been put into operation, successfully creating the container type and the world’s first example of seawater desalination project for energy upgrading and utilization; the research on the optimization design and demonstration of large-scale low-temperature multi-effect seawater desalination units has been carried out in an orderly manner, laying a foundation for the next step to open a market dominated by technology core.

intelligent city and industrial intelligent market are gradually expanding. shougang automation information technology establishes the intelligent city and industrial intelligent innovation center to promote industrial cultivation. it undertakes the integrated management and control service platform of the administrative office center of beijing vice-center and the construction task of the “xueliang” project in tongzhou district; it completed 712 residential projects in caofeidian eco-city by using intelligent home technology and model guide; and the unmanned overhead crane is applied to the silicon steel cold-rolling intelligent storage system of qian’an iron and steel and implements the project of jingtang 2230 continuous annealing full-automatic unwinding and bundling strip robot. it lays a foundation for focusing on intelligent security, intelligent building, intelligent park industry and equipment information detection and fault diagnosis system.

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