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   beijing shougang city transportation holding co., ltd. ("shougang city transportation") was established on october 26th, 2015 with registered capital of rmb 300 million. it owns beijing shoujia steel structure co., ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary) and regional companies distributed all over china. guided by the shougang group's development strategy of building an urban comprehensive service provider, shougang city transportation provides intelligent one-stop comprehensive solutions for urban parking difficulties, with the construction and operation of intelligent 3d parking garages as its core business.

   orientation of shougang city transportation's development plan in the "14th five-year plan" period: focus on the r&d and manufacturing of intelligent 3d garages, and bus machinery 3d garage products, and make shougang city transportation a first-class scientific and technological enterprise. general thought: conscientiously implement the development strategy of the group company and equity companies, actively adapt to the new development pattern, take technological innovation and "products services" as the driving force, persist in deepening reform, adhere to standardized management and build a solid foundation for enterprise development. overall goal: to achieve the "four firsts" by 2025; that is, shougang city transportation’s operating income and profit in 2025 will double those at the end of the "13th five-year plan" for the first time; its number of patents held will double that at the end of the "13th five-year plan" for the first time; its market share of bus machinery 3d garage products will rank first; and the comprehensive strength of its enterprises will be first in the industry.

   for the past two years, shougang city transportation has adhered to the policies of focusing on the market from outside and management from inside; strengthening r&d and optimizing manufacturing; focusing on the needs of static transportation fields such as urban development, urgent needs of the government and expectations of the common people; and deepening the regional market, improving the product layout, strengthening technological innovation, consolidating basic management and realizing the steady development of enterprise management. in 2021, the company won the honors of being in the "top 30" in industry sales and "top 10 enterprises in the industry", while its 3d bus garage technology obtained new technology and new product certificates in beijing, and was successfully selected as a "quality brand of the machinery industry in 2022".

     beijing shoujia steel structure co., ltd. ("shoujia steel structure") is a professional company specializing in the planning, design, processing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of intelligent 3d garages. it holds the qualifications for manufacturing, installing, renovating and repairing mechanical parking equipment, first-class qualification for professional contracting in steel structure projects, third-class qualification for general contracting in engineering construction, qualification for contracting in overseas projects, etc. it is recognized as a "zhongguancun high-tech enterprise", "beijing high-tech enterprise", "beijing 'specialized, refined, distinctive and innovative' small and medium-sized enterprise" and "application demonstration base of application demonstration project (mechanical parking equipment for commercial vehicles) for one hundred group standards in 2020 of the ministry of industry and information technology". it is a member of the parking equipment working committee of the china heavy machinery industry association, and national crane standards committee and professional parking committee of the chinese municipal engineering association. shoujia steel structure takes strengthening and expanding the static transportation industry as its mission, and manufacturing and service quality as its foundation, joins hands with upstream and downstream parking customers to serve society, and devotes itself unswervingly to making the city better, more convenient and more livable!

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