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introduction of beijing shougang international engineering technology co., ltd.

beijing shougang international engineering technology co., ltd. (herein referred to as shougang international engineering co., ltd., bsiet) founded in 1973,is an international engineering company established under the restructuring of former beijing shougang design institute  and controlled by shougang group relatively. with a registered capital of rmb 150 million and more than 1,000 employees, it has 11 investment companies such as beijing jc energy & environment engineering co., ltd. , cockerill , shanxi shougang international engineering technology co., ltd. , guizhou shougang international engineering technology co., ltd. , shoushe metallurgical technology co., ltd. , and shougang zhujing .

shougang international engineering co., ltd. is a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch program , beijing design innovation center and beijing city-level enterprise technology center. it has the highest grade of engineering design integrated grade a qualification in the country and has obtained the approval of metallurgical 3d simulation design engineering technology research center , entering the forefront of domestic metallurgical engineering technology companies. it has won such honors such as the advanced unit of general contracting for construction enterprises in china and the outstanding enterprise of metallurgical construction in china , and been listed in the top 50 of the comprehensive strength of the national survey and design enterprises for many years, mainly engaging in iron and steel engineering, energy environment, construction and municipal planning and consulting, engineering design, complete sets of equipment, project general contracting, project supervision, production services and other engineering and technical services.

the metallurgical branch  conducts professional engineering design and general contracting based on the six major processes of coking, sintering and pelletizing, iron making, steelmaking, steel rolling, and industrial furnaces, and extends the service domain to both the pre-project consultation and post-production technical service. focusing on iron and steel metallurgical energy-saving and emission reduction, upgrading of production lines, and improvement of quality and efficiency, it strengthens the study of specialized special process technologies and equipment technologies and the research, development, packaging, and promotion of superior technologies to achieve a better and stronger steel technology service industry.

the energy and environment branch  focuses on material flow, energy flow, and emission flow in the regional comprehensive energy field to continue carrying out technical research and development, technological innovation so as to realize technology extension and technology development. it strengthens technological research in seawater desalination, water treatment, power generation and supply, solid waste treatment (garbage power generation), atmospheric treatment, energy conservation, renewable energy and other fields to vigorously develop the market, and open up broader market areas.

while serving the construction of the “two parks” of shougang and the establishment of new industries such as static transportation, the building municipal branch  actively expands the external construction market and industrial site reconstruction business to strive to realize the extension of the transformation business of old industrial areas by leaving the city for the park, and vigorously promotes business areas such as civil buildings, steel structures, underground integrated pipe galleries, and urban infrastructure to create a full-industry chain service system for exploration, consulting, planning, engineering design, and construction of the construction industry.

relying on the all-process, all-directional, full life cycle and all-weather service system, shougang international engineering co., ltd. provides steel engineering and energy saving and environmental protection technical services to over 100 steel companies, including wuhan iron and steel co., ltd. , taiyuan iron and steel (group) co., ltd.  and baotou group , and offers planning and infrastructure engineering and technical services for more than 60 cities, including beijing, changzhi and jiuquan. overseas engineering performance has spread over to almost 20 countries, including brazil, south korea and ethiopia. in the past five years, nearly 800 quality projects have been completed for more than 200 customers, and the overall design of the iron and steel plant of shougang jingtang , a major project of the national “eleventh five-year plan” has been completed. the planning of shougang beijing park and the planning and construction of caofeidian beijing-hebei cooperative development demonstration zone  have been actively promoted.

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