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beijing shougang machinery & electric co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the machinery & electric company) has been developing and growing alongside the development of shougang, with the history of a century. in 1986, shougang group merged its major mechanical, electrical and hydraulic plants and mines in the beijing area into shougang machinery & electric company. in december 2008, beijing shougang machinery & electric co., ltd. formally completed the restructuring of the enterprise. on december 15, its industrial and commercial registration was formally completed. on february 20, 2009, it was restructured and inaugurated. the new company was officially operated.

to adapt to the implementation of the beijing-tianjin-hebei coordinated development strategy and the construction of beijing vice-center, the company has formed the development pattern of “one core and four wings”, namely its r&d and sales center in beijing and its production and manufacturing bases in dachang, qian’an, caofeidian, and qinhuangdao, hebei. at present, there has been 3,000 employees in the company, 517 of which are engineers and technicians, and the total assets of the enterprise is 3.46 billion yuan.

after years of development, shougang machinery & electric company has formed a leading product with the manufacturing of large-scale metallurgical medium and high-end equipment as the core. it has comprehensive capabilities of design, manufacture, installation and commissioning, service, technical consultation and general contract of equipment supply. it can produce and manufacture a batch of large-scale high-end metallurgical equipment represented by slab caster over 2.4 meters, and boasts ironmaking, steelmaking, steel rolling, coking, clotting and other manufacturing capacities of complete sets of metallurgical equipment. at the same time, through the development and manufacture of core spare parts, equipment all-line maintenance, online and offline maintenance of equipment, equipment technology transformation and other services, it can provide a full range of protection for users.

shougang machinery & electric company has a complete set of process manufacturing equipment, large-scale metal processing equipment and advanced testing equipment. among them, there are more than 300 precision machine tools and large-scale cnc machine tools, which can meet the requirements of various users for different quality. it has iso9001 (or iso9002) international quality assurance system certification and asme certification in the us.

accompanied by the implementation of shougang group’s strategy of “balanced expansion”, shougang machinery & electric company, in accordance with the strategic orientation of “1 2” development, focuses on building a first-class integrated service provider of urban equipment and facilities while striving to improve and strengthen the steel service industry, concentrating on technological and manufacturing advantages to successively open up three new business sectors, namely, urban infrastructure, tunnel engineering and energy and environmental protection, and cultivates and forms a series of new products, such as high-end guardrail, segment mould, and sludge fermentation device, providing important support and new power for it to start afresh.

it completed the political task of guardrail production and installation for the chang’an street landscape enhancement in september 3 parade with a high standard, applied the 13.1-meter segment mould to the world’s largest underwater railway tunnel construction, realized the mold copper plate repair and new spare parts production with shougang characteristics, landed the circular tower bicycle three-dimensional garage in shougang… more learning than adoption and favor accumulation than usage. after four years of painstaking management and development, today’s machinery & electric company has formed its sectors initially, made fruitful results, and grown gradually, in addition, the embryonic form of transformation and development has emerged. it glows with new vitality. in recent years, it has won the invention patent of “a double u type tamping smoke pipe dust removal vehicle for tamping coke oven” and over 10 utility model patents. it won the first prize of beijing science and technology award in 2012, the second prize of beijing science and technology progress award in 2014, and other laurels, successively undertaking and completing major political tasks, such as the 2008 olympic torch, the china millennium monument, the 60th-anniversary national day screen and the flagpole, lifting piles and rotating flower baskets in the tian’anmen area, and demonstrating shougang’s due political responsibilities.

a number of advanced workers and pilots, such as wei jianping, the winner of the first “great craftsman” in beijing city, zheng qi, the winner of “star of shougang”, and zheng guoqing, have also emerged one after another. seek truth from facts, innovate and keep forging ahead, give full play to the exemplary leading role, and drive the whole machinery & electric staff to climb over the ridges and tackle tough problems in the new way of transformation, and create a new world with hard work, sweat, ingenuity and inheritance.

from serving the main iron and steel industry to transforming into an urban service provider, shougang machinery & electric company has continuously promoted the comprehensive competitive strength of “manufacturing service” in the process of accelerating the transformation and development of the enterprise, and has stepped forward towards the goal of the first-class enterprise in the modern equipment manufacturing industry.

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