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beijing shougang co., ltd. wins weilai automobile technology co., ltd.'s "quality excellence partner award"

release time:2024-01-18 15:50:12

recently, at the weilai automobile partner conference, beijing shougang co., ltd. won weilai automobile's "quality excellence partner award" for its outstanding performance in product quality, services, logistics and reputation, and became the only iron and steel enterprise to win this great honor. this is the most important award presented by weilai automobile to its partners every year, and the highest recognition of weilai automobile for its partners.

as a strategic partner of weilai automobile, the shougang group has provided all-round support for its production and delivery. since their cooperation began in 2022, the order quantity has steadily increased. in 2023, the order quantity increased by 40% on a year-on-year basis, and the supply share continued to increase, ensuring the smooth supply and mass production of the various main models of weilai automobile.

teamwork can be an escort. adhering to shougang's concept of "manufacturing service", beijing shougang co., ltd. has set up a large customer team and regularly organizes weekly meetings for resident personnel, sales business, technical services, production bases and other related personnel to ensure that all kinds of problems can be traced, fed back and communicated, thereby forming closed-loop management. through the efficient operation of the production and marketing research team, shougang provides material selection support for the development of weilai battery packs and fld analysis for the acceptance of new model molds, winning the high recognition of weilai automobile.

guided by technology, shougang deepens its services. in 2023, the service team of beijing shougang co., ltd. cooperated closely with the weilai automobile team to optimize the production process and provide comprehensive technical support and advice. multiple steel grade certifications were launched, covering the requirements for a vast majority of parts. shougang is one of the steel enterprises that have passed certification with a wide range of steel grades and become an indispensable partner of weilai automobile, making important contributions to the enhancement of weilai automobile's brand value and market competitiveness.

senior managers interact to deepen cooperation. beijing shougang co., ltd.'s key customer team has facilitated multi-level, multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional high-level visits and technical exchanges between shougang and weilai automobile. the two sides have signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement and carried out strategic cooperation in product marketing, supply chain, technological innovation, carbon neutrality and other fields based on the principles of "resource sharing, win-win cooperation, strategic cooperation and joint development", making more contributions to promoting the construction of a manufacturing power and a beautiful china.

in the future, beijing shougang co., ltd. will continue to deepen its strategic cooperation with weilai automobile, link customer value with high quality and respond to customer needs quickly and with better services, continuing to join hands with its customers to contribute to smart and green travel.

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