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beijing shougang co., ltd. holds national on-site exchange meeting on industrial wastewater recycling and utilization

release time:2023-12-18 10:40:23

recently, beijing shougang co., ltd. held a national on-site exchange meeting on industrial wastewater recycling and utilization, as well as standard and technology promotion and exchange activities. the meeting was attended by leaders from the energy conservation and comprehensive utilization department of the ministry of industry and information technology, water conservation promotion center of the ministry of water resources, department of industry and information technology of hebei province, tangshan city and qian’an city of hebei province, and beijing shougang co., ltd. the meeting was held simultaneously both online and offline and attended by more than 2,000 representatives from pilot industrial wastewater recycling enterprise parks, relevant industry associations and research institutes.

at the meeting, as one of the 29 pilot enterprises in china, beijing shougang co., ltd. shared its “experience in piloting efficient water use and industrial wastewater recycling in the iron and steel industry” and introduced its concepts and practices in water system management, application and promotion of water-saving technologies, and experience and measures in water resource recycling and water efficiency improvement, as well as the next work goals for optimizing the allocation of water resources and promoting intelligent water use control. beijing shougang co., ltd. is a listed company of the shougang group which specializes in the development and integration of steel and upstream iron ore resources in china. it possesses a world-class technological level and equipment, and a complete range of cold and hot series fully covered sheet products with matching specifications. its core strategic products, including automobile plates, electrical steel, tin plated panels, pickled panels, pipeline steel and home appliance panels, are in a leading position in china. it always adheres to the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, and adheres to the high-quality development path of efficient, high-quality, intelligent and green manufacturing. in the field of water resource utilization, it adheres to the water-saving concept of “lower demand, full treatment and lower emissions” and pursues the ultimate goal of “zero emissions”, takes technological and management innovation as the focus, builds first-class water treatment facilities and establishes whole process management for water systems. based on the principle of water source reduction and cascade use, it implements the process management of the water use index and adopts advanced industrial water-saving processes and technologies such as dry dust removal, cascade use of circulating water systems, zero discharge of cold rolling wastewater, comprehensive sewage treatment of the whole plant and advanced double membrane method treatment. its water use efficiency has been improving year by year, its total water consumption and water use index have been decreasing year by year, and the new water consumption index per ton of steel with the same caliber has been reduced year by year, reaching the leading value standard of iron and steel joint enterprises with its water reuse rate reaching the advanced level in china. in 2019, it became the world’s first iron and steel enterprise to achieve whole process ultra-low emissions. in 2020, it was rated as a provincial water-saving demonstration enterprise in hebei province and a national leading enterprise in water efficiency. in 2022, it was designated as a demonstration enterprise for industrial wastewater recycling by the ministry of industry and information technology.

during the meeting, the participants conducted research and visited the production and environmental protection command center, dispatching hall, product exhibition room, comprehensive water center and other areas of beijing shougang co., ltd. they held in-depth exchanges and highly praised the construction of water treatment facilities, application of advanced technologies, water use management, drainage management, water saving management and other aspects.

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