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jingtang medium plate supplies tanzania oil storage tank project

release time:2023-11-10 09:53:45

recently, the oil storage tank steel produced by shougang jingtang united iron & steel co., ltd. was successfully applied to a crude oil pipeline storage tank epc project in east africa. after testing, the dimensional accuracy, surface quality, performance and other indicators of the products met the customer’s requirements and won their high recognition. this successful rolling has further enriched the product series of the medium plate production line and enhanced the comprehensive strength to seize opportunities and improve efficiency.

this project is located in tanga city, tanzania, near the indian ocean. upon completion, it will have great significance for deepening cooperation between china and tanzania, and between china and africa, in promoting the construction of the maritime silk road and engaging in international energy cooperation in the 21st century. the contract includes four floating roof storage tanks containing 100,000 m3 of waxy heavy oil, which achieves a breakthrough leap from domestic crude oil storage tanks to the international high-end construction market. oil storage tank steel is widely used in fields such as the production, storage and transportation equipment of petroleum and chemical products, and is characterized by its high strength, low sensitivity to welding cracks and good low-temperature impact resistance.

the jingtang manufacturing department, technology center, steel rolling department, sales management department, medium plate division and other units cooperated efficiently to ensure high-quality services throughout the whole process from contract organization to product delivery. in order to ensure that the process parameters of the production process were formulated reasonably and accurately, technicians and production personnel cooperated closely to track and test product performance, conduct data performance organization analysis, clarify the alloy composition, reduction rate, rolling temperature and other data, and optimize structure performance during trial production, thereby realizing the accurate control of the original structure and ensuring stable product quality. finally, after careful planning and preparation, as well as the precise control of the key parameters of each process by field operators, many production difficulties were overcome and the qualification was achieved with the first trial production.

in order to rapidly realize the transition from trial production to mass production, the medium plate division organized professional technical personnel to hold many special meetings in order to study the rolling scheme, optimize the key points of the rolling process and operation, strengthen process monitoring and determine the regional responsible person and supervisory responsible person for each process production link and key control point, thus ensuring the effective implementation of the rolling process. after heat treatment and process optimization, the performance index was good, trial rolling and mass production were achieved in the shortest time, and the contract delivery task was successfully completed.

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