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shougang chengxin project supervision qian'an branch promotes standardization and creates high-quality projects

release time:2023-11-02 09:50:00

the first supervision department of the shougang chengxin project supervision qian'an branch firmly grasps the positioning of its supervision functions and responsibilities, and puts the quality-first approach into practice. guided by the principle of "striving to be an enterprise that contributes to the group’s development and striving to be an aspiring employee" ("two strivings"), it continuously promotes standardized supervision and effectively strengthens the synchronous progress of quality inspection and data standardization, thereby constantly creating high-quality projects to consolidate the foundations of the high-quality sustainable development of the company.

a number of high-quality projects supervised by the first supervision department of qian’an branch, such as the new finished product drying shed project of the qian’an iron & steel converter slag treatment process upgrading project, qian’an iron & steel procurement centre ballast machine project and shougang qian’an new energy vehicle electrical steel project, were highly praised by the owners and received letters of commendation. among them, the north district new plant and ancillary facilities project of qian’an iron & steel were awarded the "shanghai construction engineering metal structure (city quality project) golden steel award".

since 2022, the first supervision department of the qian'an branch has undertaken a total of 43 supervision projects, organized 96 supervision meetings, approved 147 technical documents of construction organization design and construction schemes, prepared 165 supervision rules, accepted 398 batches of raw materials, conducted site acceptance for 1,611 batches of equipment and accessories, witnessed 396 samplings and accepted 1,165 sub-projects and 106 divisional projects. it has also issued 170 supervision notices and held 11 special quality meetings and 10 sample guidance meetings. last but not least, it has conducted 116 joint safety inspections and 72 joint quality inspections, and urged and supervised the rectification of 910 identified safety and quality issues. through a series of standardized supervision and control measures, project quality has been effectively guaranteed, which has truly reassured the group, satisfied the owners and won the recognition of the customers.

the first supervision department of the qian'an branch continues to improve its political position, unify its thinking and gather the joint efforts of all employees. through technical training, advanced employee selection and other forms, it effectively unifies the thoughts and actions of employees on the completion of objectives and tasks, constantly practices the principle of the "two strivings" and continues to lay a sound foundation for high-quality development.

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