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geely and shougang establish geely shougang innovation studio alliance

release time:2023-11-01 09:40:01

recently, the signing ceremony of the geely shougang innovation studio alliance was held. it was attended by yu jiangang, manufacturing director of the geely auto changxing company, as well as the head of the shougang labor union, shougang production and marketing research team, and backbone members of the innovation studio.

as one of shougang's strategic partners, geely auto has cooperated closely and cultivated a strong alliance with shougang in the course of 12 years of cooperation, realizing a transformation from following to leading in auto sheet materials. all of shougang's inner and outer sheet material series for whole vehicles and lightweight technologies in new materials have been applied in large batches by geely auto, and shougang is currently geely's core supplier of inner and outer sheets for whole vehicles. in the future, the two sides will take the new jointly built platform of the staff innovation studio alliance as the carrier and promote the deep integration and coordinated progress of the "expert team of steel plate materials" and "expert team of automobile molds" in the whole process from manufacturing materials for automobile steel plates to the stamping manufacturing of automobile parts. geely will play the role of gathering energy from cross-cutting majors and complementary knowledge in such aspects as tackling key problems, technology accumulation and personnel training, thereby optimizing the material performance parameters more accurately, improving the mold margins, strengthening the optimal combination between the application of steel plate materials and automobile molds, and realizing perfect matching between materials and molds.

at the meeting, both sides jointly licensed the geely shougang innovation studio alliance. the shougang qi chunyu innovation studio also signed a letter of intent regarding cooperation with the geely auto chen jingguo skill master studio, and relevant personnel from geely auto and shougang respectively introduced the basic situations of their studios.

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