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shougang group receives thank-you letters from beijing municipal sasac, municipal commerce bureau and municipal association for science and technology

release time:2023-11-01 13:59:58

since the end of september, the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the people’s government of beijing municipality (beijing municipal sasac), beijing municipal commerce bureau and beijing association for science and technology have sent thank-you letters to the shougang group to express their heartfelt thanks to shougang and its front-line employees for their responsibility and contributions to emergency rescue and disaster relief, efficient and high-quality service guarantee work during the china international fair for trade in services, and contributions to the success of the national science popularization day event.

in its thank-you letter, the beijing municipal sasac stated, "at the critical moment of emergency rescue and disaster relief, you resolutely implemented the decision-making arrangements of the municipal party committee and government, and the requirements of the beijing municipal sasac’s party committee, and quickly dispatched professional rescue teams to participate in flood fighting, disaster relief, recovery and reconstruction. during the work, your front-line employees overcame such difficulties as narrow work areas, complex sediment accumulation in ditches, muddy transportation roads through villages, heavy coordination workload and frequent on-site transportation, and completed the dredging tasks according to high standards one day earlier than expected. at a critical moment, shougang took on the role of the main force, shouldered its political responsibility and demonstrated its capital consciousness and high standard of kindness, earning the group the praise and affirmation of the municipal party committee and government. now, the beijing municipal sasac expresses its heartfelt thanks to you and your front-line employees for your responsibility and contributions to emergency rescue and disaster relief.

from july 29th to august 2nd, affected by the "23·7" basin-wide catastrophic flood, some districts in beijing such as mentougou and fangshan suffered natural disasters such as mountain torrents and mudslides, and the people's lives and property suffered huge losses. the flood is ruthless, but there is love in the world. the shougang group actively responded to the call for emergency rescue and aid construction. with group leaders commanding on the front line, every participating unit going all out, and the majority of front-line employees grasping the nettle, they successfully completed the task of emergency rescue and dredging at the fastest speed and in the shortest time, demonstrating the "hardcore" responsibility of shougang, a municipal state-owned enterprise, in building a "safety dam" for flood control and emergency rescue.

the beijing municipal commerce bureau wrote in its thank-you letter, "as the guarantee unit of the 2023 china international fair for trade in services, you coordinated and guided many companies under the shougang group, such as beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd., beijing shougang park integrated service co., ltd. and its gongshe hotel branch, beijing shougang 1919 catering management co., ltd. and its qunming branch, and beijing shou’ao real estate co., ltd. and its xiuchi hotel branch, to do a good job in providing the service guarantee with high efficiency and quality, which vividly demonstrated the responsibility and spirit of state-owned enterprises, showed the style and quality of state-owned enterprises, and received unanimous praise from domestic and foreign exhibitors and attendees. your efforts made positive contributions to the successful hosting of the 2023 china international fair for trade in services.

from september 2nd to 6th, 2023, the china international fair for trade in services was successfully held in beijing, and shougang park became one of the "two hosting addresses for one fair" of ciftis for the third consecutive time. during ciftis, a total of 445,800 people visited shougang park, with 105,378 people on the first day, a new single-day record. facing this huge challenge, shougang seized the opportunity to focus on building “ciftis 3.0”. all employees pulled together, worked hard and forged ahead, did a good job in service guarantee with higher standards, higher requirements and higher quality, and submitted a wonderful answer sheet of "shougang service" with love and emotion.

the beijing association for science and technology wrote in its letter, "the successful hosting of this event was highly valued and fully supported by the shougang group! we sincerely thank you for your contributions to the national science popularization day event, and express our heartfelt thanks to the leaders and comrades who participated in the related tasks for their diligent work! national science popularization day was widely praised by visitors from all walks of life, and the attending audience was deeply impressed by the industrial heritage protection, industrial history and culture inheritance atmosphere of shougang park. its complete supporting facilities and beautiful scenery complemented national science popularization day. visitors sighed with emotion: participating in the domestic national science popularization day event was a rare scientific journey on which they learned a lot of practical science popularization knowledge and experienced the magic and charm of science and technology in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. the unique charm of industrial heritage in shougang park also made them linger, and shougang park has become their preferred place to relax on future vacations and experience the history of china's industrialization process.

from september 16th to 24th, jointly organized by the china association for science and technology, beijing municipal people's government and 20 national ministries and commissions, the 2023 national science popularization day event was held in shougang park. in its implementation, the shougang group actively overcame such difficulties as limited time and a heavy workload, set up special work classes and specially organized and deployed full-time site service personnel to cooperate with the event organizers. during the event, a total of 44,818 people visited and 49 groups from various sectors of society were received. a total of 25,091 teachers and students from 84 primary and secondary schools in the city participated in the event through group reservation, which was of great interest to people from all sectors of society and widely praised by the public.

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